Distribution and transmission lines

Distribution and transmission lines

Energise your plant with the best specialists.


Distribution lines play an important role in supplying electricity from substations to customer meters. Any layout modification requires taking the necessary measures to prevent accidents and ensure the protection of your work equipment and facilities.

That is why Enel X provides a design and construction service for medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) transmission lines. Keep in mind that the execution of these projects may involve the change and construction of MV and HV electrical networks.

Thanks to our experience as energy distributors, we guarantee the proper and fair execution of such important projects.

Do you know the benefits of modifying your company's network layout with us?

  • We build the infrastructure to bring energy to your facilities.
  • We optimise the use of your company's area.
  • Our qualified personnel designs and transfers lines in compliance with all safety standards and current regulations.
  • We maintain the transmission lines associated with your business.

Are you looking for more information for our services?

We want to work with you, reach us at : negociosb2b@enel.com

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Load increase

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