Our Business

We are paving the way for an even more collaborative and connected economy. We create energy services by opening up to new operators and integrating new sectors. We are an Energy Cloud Platform.

Francesco Venturini
Chairman and CEO Enel X

We want to bring new energy everywhere in the world, contributing to the progress of humanity, creating shared and sustainable value for all.

This project is the idea of the Enel Group, a strategic vision that is open to change. That is why, to paraphrase that great innovator Isaac Newton, if we believe we can see further into the future of energy, it is because we are standing on the shoulders of giants.

Growing Our Business

In order to be a leader in the industry and identify up and coming technologies, the Enel Group works with outside groups in the continuous search for innovative solutions.

The creation of partnerships and the acquisition of dynamic and open companies and start-ups is a cornerstone of our business. This is the strategy that the Enel Group is pursuing in order to expand our team and product offering.

Learn more about our partnerships below:


In the mobility sector, we count on the expertise of eMotorWerks, the leading US provider of recharging systems for electric vehicles. Its leading product is the JuiceBox, a recharging infrastructure integrated with JuiceNet, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for the intelligent management of accumulated distribution systems. These solutions are available for every type of customer, business or retail.
Find out more about eMotorWerks