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Smart EV Charging for the Masses

Mass adoption of electric vehicles among consumers and businesses is presenting utilities a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Enel X has dozens of utility partnerships across North America and thousands of smart EV charging stations helping utilities integrate EVs into their service territories. Enel X helps utility partners scale managed charging programs, providing EV infrastructure, software and energy services.

‘Juicing’ EV Growth

Enel X’s portfolio of smart EV charging solutions qualify for utility incentives. If you’re a consumer or business, learn if your utility offers a rebate for our best-selling JuiceBox smart EV charger or commercial charging stations.

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Vehicle Grid Integration

Experience the Enel X smart charging software advantage of JuiceNet, our award-winning IoT platform. JuiceNet Utility Edition provides robust energy service features to optimize residential and commercial EV load management.

Learn more about Enel X’s EVSE solutions for the utility industry.

Trusted by Thousands of EV Drivers

JuiceBox, Enel X’s flagship smart charging station, delivers high-performance, flexibility and value to EV drivers across North America. Drivers can charge their electric cars with the cleanest energy on the grid.

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