Extreme weather event in a major city

How Your Company Can Ensure Resiliency During Extreme Weather and Times of Uncertainty

Extememe weather event over a major city

At Enel X, we leverage innovative, alternative energy technologies to help businesses sustain operations during these uncertain times in a sustainable and cost-efficient way.

  • Combining renewables with storage. Coupling on-site renewables with battery storage systems allows facilities to generate and store low-cost, clean electricity. With ample sunlight, solar-plus-storage systems can provide several days of backup power in the event of an outage. This electricity can be used during extreme weather events to alleviate pressure from the grid and save money. At UMass Boston, the system pairs 1 MW solar array with 0.5 MW lithium-ion battery system to reduce the university’s overall grid dependency, while delivering significant cost savings. In addition to solar-plus-storage systems, microgrids deliver even greater resiliency by enabling the system to island off the grid for extended periods, sometimes indefinitely. In 2017, Costa Rica experienced a nationwide blackout that cut 1.4 million homes and businesses from the grid for several hours. With a microgrid, Establishment Labs, a global leader in the production of high tech medical and aesthetic equipment with operations in Costa Rica, was able to continue powering critical equipment in its clean room and survived the crisis without sustaining any financial setback.
  • Controlling consumption. Demand-response programs provide financial incentives for businesses to lower their energy use during high-cost, peak-demand periods – thus freeing up energy to meet the increased demand. When the grid is stressed, organizations that can reduce their energy usage can earn payments, while helping to keep the lights on and energy costs low for the community. Existing demand response programs with utilities like Ameren Missouri and Salt River Project in Arizona provide significant economic benefits to commercial and industrial customers, while delivering a more flexible and resilient grid. 
  • Expanding Digitalization. Digitalization through Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Optimization Software allows customers and electricity system operators to control where, when, and how electricity is used. It also increases real-time situational awareness and preparedness, enabling site controllers to make control decisions throughout the day based on factors such as real-time demand, time of use, and solar production. The IoT technology to balance the grid in real time already exists, but utilities and energy users must implement it in order to revolutionize the entire energy system. This technology can be applied to both utilities and small local networks like microgrids that can sustainably manage the energy mix. 

Adopting alternative energy options like these will not only help boost the reliability of our country’s energy supply, but also allow facilities to store low-cost, clean electricity and use it during peak demand periods and emergency situations in the years ahead. These offerings are scalable so companies of all sizes and across all industries – from manufacturing and technology, to financial service institutions, universities, and pharmaceutical companies – have the opportunity to improve their energy practices and pave the way for a greener tomorrow.

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