Energy Procurement Insights for July 2019: See What's Driving Prices in Your Region

Energy Procurement Insights for July 2019: See What's Driving Prices in Your Region

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The energy charges offered by these providers float on real-time settlement prices, determined on the basis of 15-minute intervals and multiplied by 125% to get the final $/kWh value.

For instance, if the real-time energy price is $0.07/kWh, a customer on POLR will end up paying $0.0875/kWh ($0.07 x 1.25).

Graphical Image ERCOT North Hub Hourly PRices for June 2019
Graphical Image Monterrey GDMTH Capacity Prices

The chart on the right shows the capacity prices in the Monterrey region for the GDMTH tariff, where prices for July 2019 are just under $365 MXN/kW-month. This represents a 0.20% increase compared to the June rates, and a 3.49% increase relative to last July’s rates, which registered at just $353 MXN/kW-month. The capacity component accounts for roughly 15% to 25% of overall energy costs.                                                                                                            

Energy rates showed a similar slight upward movement in July. The chart below shows energy prices for the Aguascalientes region of the GDMTH tariff, load-weighted for each tranche assuming an average of 30% base consumption, 60% intermediate consumption, and 10% peak consumption. July energy prices increased by about 0.18% in most regions compared to the previous month, roughly 3% to 4% compared to June 2018. Load-weighted prices in Aguascalientes have increased from $1.452 MXN/kWh in June 2018 to $1.506 MXN/kWh in July 2019, a 4% increase over that period. The energy component of customers’ bills usually makes up 50% to 70% of total costs.

Graphical Image Aguascalientes GDMTH Energy Prices

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