Infographic: 2020 Energy Market Outlook | Enel X

Infographic: 2020 Energy Market Outlook | Enel X

What is driving costs in your region, and how can you adjust your energy strategy?

2020 Energy Market Outlook Infographic


  • Global Adjustment charge to remain: CA $500k/MW
  • Expect Alberta Prices to stay volatile and 10% above 2018 levels
  • Current Ontario forward strips within $5 of all-time lows
  • Continued federal/provincial conflicts on carbon pricing schemes


  • Resource Adequacy charges to jump 15–50% across regions
  • Extreme price volatility expected to continue amidst increased renewable integration
  • Direct Access and Community Aggregation changing the role of California’s IOUs


  • Illinois likely to consider leaving PJM capacity market
  • Demand charges reach $400,000/MW in Michigan
  • First Energy Ohio aiming to significantly alter pricing structures

New York

  • Climate policy reshaping NY energy markets
  • Capacity prices to reach five-year highs in NYC
  • Carbon pricing expectations driving price premiums across the state

New England

  • State-sponsored renewable projects creating new risks for ratepayers
  • Winter gas constraints expected throughout the decade


  • Long-term contracts trading 10% below short-term deals
  • Wind power directly impacting summer scarcity pricing


  • FERC ruling on PJM capacity market creates budgetary risks
  • System Peak charges eclipse $230,000/MW in New Jersey
  • Competitive power markets heating up in Virginia


  • Retail market currently offers 10–25% savings vs. utility tariff
  • 300+ of Mexico’s biggest power users advancing retail market
  • 60+ retail suppliers competing in a quickly maturing market


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