Utility Bill Management Solutions with Interval Data

Utility Bill Management Solutions with Interval Data

Deeper analytics can help companies reduce energy costs, validate expensive time-of-use and demand-related charges, and uncover new savings opportunities

Advanced Invoice Validation

Time-of-use and demand-related charges can represent more than 60% of total costs for some organizations. Validating those on-peak demand (kW) and consumption (kWh) measures is critical to keeping operational costs in control.Enel X’s interval data module can validate that your peak demand and consumption charges are billed accurately.

Utility Bill Management with Interval Analytics

Find Cost Savings Opportunities

UBM’s interval data module helps energy managers understand daily, weekly, and monthly usage patterns to uncover cost-saving opportunities

  1. Reduce peak demands: Identify times of peak demand for load shifting and demand management opportunities
  2. Optimize site schedules: Spot anomalies in overnight or weekend base load
  3. Optimize rate structures: Reschedule flexible operations to take advantage of lower-cost time-of-use rates

Find Cost Savings Opportunities

Validate Efficiency Projects

Reporting the ROI on energy efficiency projects can be one ofthe most challenging tasks energy managers face when appealing for more capital. Using interval data, energy professionals can perform Measurement and Verification (M&V) that meets IPMVP standards, providing more accurate and defensible numbers.

Energy Efficiency Upgrade

Large energy consumers partner with Enel X’s Professional Services team to establish custom, portfolio-wide programs for improving energy efficiency, including strategies to eliminate unnecessary energy consumption and manage demand-related costs.

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