Energy Storage with Enel X

Energy Storage with Enel X

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Example Customers

Organizations across industries work with Enel X for energy storage.

  • Algoma Orchards, Agriculture
  • UMass Boston, Education
  • Amhil North America, Manufacturing
  • Marcus Garvey Village, Real Estate

Other Industries:

  • Retail
  • Industrials
  • Government
  • Medical Manufacturing



Enel X’s DER Optimization Software powers the energy storage system behind-the-scenes. The software intelligently determines when to charge and discharge the battery to deliver maximum savings and superior operational performance.

  • Uses advanced machine learning and optimization software
  • Patented technology that incorporates battery degradation into optimization
  • Re-optimizes solution every 15 minutes on-site


Financing Options

With a variety of financing options, organizations can choose how much ownership and capital they want to deploy for their particular energy storage or solar-plus-storage project.

Benefit Share

You and Enel X share the energy savings generated from the storage system based on a predetermined split


You pay Enel X a single payment rate based on energy generation from the solar panels and the overall benefit of the solarplus-storage system.

Hybrid PPA

You pay Enel X a lower payment rate just for the solar power generated from your panels, combined with a benefit share structure with Enel X.

Direct Purchase

You buy the system outright with upfront, on-hand cash, and can choose to pay Enel X for ongoing O&M

Fixed Rate

You pay fixed payments to Enel X

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