Enel X Helps Tampa Electric Company Cut Peak Demand, Delivering up to 40 MW of Turnkey Demand Response

Enel X Helps Tampa Electric Company Cut Peak Demand, Delivering up to 40 MW of Turnkey Demand Response

Enel X provided the knowledge, experience, high

level of customer service, and winning attitude that

made demand response work for us.

Jackie Perrone, Manager of Energy Management Services

The Results

Testing in October 2008 showed that Enel X and Tampa Electric’s exceptional efforts in the field paid off. The result was over-performance, with delivery of an average of 31.7 MW—approximately twelve percent over the nominated amount. “Enel X has high standards,” says Jackie Perrone, manager of energy management services at Tampa Electric. “And it showed in the testing process, which definitely received an A from us.”

Testing proved that the portfolio of companies enrolled by Enel X was able to deliver consistent, reliable load reduction throughout a two-hour audit window. Enel X’s energy intelligence software (EIS), collects and analyzes realtime energy data from each site, enabling participants to see how their performance is tracking against target reductions. In addition, Enel X’s Network Operations team uses the platform to automatically identify underperformers and then conduct targeted outreach to troubleshoot.

The Benefits

Enel X demand response provides Tampa Electric with a powerful benefit—a reliable method of addressing and reducing summer and winter system peak demand. “As an electric company employee, I recognize that we’re here to serve our customers and deliver a return to our shareholders,” says Perrone. “Programs like demand response show that we can accomplish both of these goals in an environmentally friendly way.”

Other benefits Enel X brings to Tampa Electric include:

A Full End-to-End Solution

Enel X’s demand response solution includes program design and implementation, customer recruitment and retention, site enablement, event dispatch and management, reconciliation, and verification. This comprehensive solution helps ensure that Tampa Electric gets the results it needs— tapping Enel X’s wide-ranging strengths and extensive experience—while minimizing risk.

Enhanced Utility Branding

While Enel X leads the implementation and management of Tampa Electric’s demand response program, all marketing materials and program information are branded clearly as Tampa Electric Company’s Networked Demand Response Program. “We wanted Tampa Electric to be front and center throughout the process,” says Bryant. “And Enel X was open and willing to fit right in with us.” High visibility throughout the process helps Tampa Electric enhance and deepen its relationships with these critical commercial and industrial customers.

A Customized Approach for End Users

Enel X recognizes that every commercial and industrial account is different. During implementation, Enel X audited each customer facility to design energy reduction strategies specifically for that facility. It installed, programmed, and tested communications and relay technology equipment. All of this on-site work required close collaboration with customers with different needs, concerns, and levels of knowledge about energy, and all of it was done at no cost to the customer.

“Enel X was willing to handle each customer individually,” says Perrone. “They figured out what each customer needed and how to make sure they were satisfied and happy.” During implementation, Enel X drew upon its experience with thousands of commercial and industrial facilities to tailor its approach to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Regulatory Compliance

Demand response is a critical part of Tampa Electric’s overall DSM programs, which enable it to reduce demand via a portfolio of initiatives—all reviewed and approved by state regulators. “Regulated marketplaces pose special challenges,” says Bryant. “Enel X understands the needs of regulators and knows how to meet them, while helping us broaden our portfolio.”

Comprehensive Energy Management Information

As part of the Tampa Electric Networked Demand Response Program, participating customers receive access to Enel X’s EIS. This software provides each customer site with advanced online monitoring and analytics of its facility’s energy use.

This information helps customers optimize their energy consumption and improve overall operational efficiency. Enel X’s EIS is an attractive element of the program—one that provides a compelling benefit to enrolled accounts, at no cost.

A Solid Partnership

Much of the program’s success hinged on the Tampa Electric-Enel X partnership. “Enel X is an outstanding company to do business with,” says Perrone. “They have exceeded our expectations. And Enel X provided the knowledge, experience, high level of customer service, and a winning attitude that made demand response work for us.”

The Future

Tampa Electric has already achieved its full enrollment capacity, which it will draw upon to enhance system reliability, respond to grid issues, and ensure consistent, high-quality service to its more than 80,000 commercial and industrial customers. The company continues to generate interest in the four-year program and identify potential new participants. “We’re seeing a significant increase in requests for audits and information about our various energy efficiency programs,” says Perrone. “A lot of companies are developing internal goals for energy efficiency and looking for new ways to cut costs, generate new revenues, and help the environment. For these customers, DR is a great option.

When we saw the NOC, we knew that

Enel X had the infrastructure in place to deliver

megawatts as quickly as we needed them.

Al Grinnell, Manager, Commercial and Industrial Account Management

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