How Lancaster School District Saves on Energy with Battery Storage and Enel X’s DER.OS

How Lancaster School District Saves on Energy with Battery Storage and Enel X’s DER.OS

Enel X’s reach and resources greatly enhanced our ability to execute this exciting project for the Lancaster School District, making it a successful installation at 10 sites simultaneously.

Todd Lindstrom

COO of Enable Energy

It’s cool software. I can’t wait to show the School Board how
it graphs everything. It shows how, as the sun’s rising, our solar generation is rising. Then when students arrive, the usage is
rising, but then the graph shows how usage gets shaved off
[by the battery]. I can point to that and say ‘There’s the battery
right there—the battery kicked in and is saving us money.’

Larry Freise

Assistant Superintendent of Business Services for the District

This screenshot of Enel X’s DER.OS software shows electricity usage at Lancaster School District’s Desert View Elementary. At the highlighted moment, 11:40 AM on a Monday, the building demand is represented by the black dotted line, at 32 kW. But the site’s meter (the blue line) is at –1kW, indicating that the building is drawing no electricity from the grid. That’s because on-site solar panels, represented in yellow, are contributing 125 kW, significantly more than the 32 kW the building is using. Because there is excess solar energy available, the on-site battery (in green) is using 92 kW of the solar to charge, leaving the site’s meter at –1 kW. Later in the night, when on-site solar stops producing and energy prices in California are higher (as seen in the charts of $/kW and $/kWh), the battery discharges that stored energy so that the building can avoid using energy from the grid.


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