Grocery Co-Op Earns Cold Cash with Enel X’s Demand Response

Grocery Co-Op Earns Cold Cash with Enel X’s Demand Response

Everyone at AWG is very pleased to help out and to be part of the DR program. We want to be part of the energy solution, not part of the problem.

Benny Phillips, Facilities Manager

The Benefits

The biggest benefit that the DR program brings to AWG is a positive financial impact. AWG sees DR as a way of earning money without making major changes or putting its produce and other stored commodities at risk. “My boss is ecstatic,” says Phillips. “Any time you can save some dollars, we’re all for it.” The money earned from DR goes directly into the general facilities fund, and helps pay for other cost-saving changes.

But the benefits of Enel X go beyond the bottom line, and include a range of more qualitative—but equally powerful—benefits.

Simple Implementation

“Working with Enel X was a real pleasure,” says Phillips. “They did a great job during the whole implementation process. They worked with our people. They didn’t rush. And they kept our comfort level extremely high.”

Clear Communication

AWG receives clear, prompt communication from Enel X, including timely notification of dispatches. “They give us plenty of advance warning so we can do everything we need to do to ensure quality and lower risk,” says Philips. “We’re in touch via phone and email, and Enel X’s commitment to communication really makes a difference.”

Increased Collaboration with NES

During the DR process, AWG collaborated with its local energy provider, Nashville Electric Service. “NES has given us a great opportunity by making DR available,” says Phillips. “This has helped us build a stronger relationship with NES. They see that we’re willing to help out our community in any way possible. And they’re more forthcoming about ways that they can help us reduce our energy costs. This better relationship is a real plus for us.”

A Community Commitment

AWG is located in the middle of a largely residential area, and is the largest user of electricity in its community. “We feel strongly about not sucking up so much juice,” says Phillips. “With DR, we’re able to protect our company, but also help the community keep rates down.”

Using Software to Find New Savings

Much of AWG’s energy use is flexible. For example, it can charge the batteries for its forklifts almost any time. With Enel X’s energy intelligence software, AWG can see the peaks and valleys of its energy use, and choose to time energyintensive activities during periods when the rates are lower. “Enel X’s software is a really useful tool,” says Phillips. “Even if no one is here on site, we can see trends in energy use and get information that helps us trim our energy bills even more. I feel certain we’ll be using it more and more in the future.”

The Future

Phillips continues to look for new ways to boost energy savings and overall efficiency. Under this program, AWG estimates its future payments to be over $25,000 per year.

Phillips is also spreading the word about the DR program to other AWG facilities. “I’m definitely advising them to sign up for demand response if it’s available in their area,” he says. “It’s money in their pocket. And DR is easy to implement, thanks to Enel X.”

DR makes a big difference to our bottom line. As a co-op, the more we save, the more we can pass along these savings to our members.

Benny Phillips, Facilities Manager

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