Produce Company Cuts Energy Use in Half with
Enel X Energy Intelligence Software

Produce Company Cuts Energy Use in Half with Enel X Energy Intelligence Software

I wouldn’t have believed it in the past. But now, Powerit and Enel X made DR possible for us. They minimized our risk—and they made it easy.

Danny Vincent, Plant Manager

The Benefits

The biggest benefit that Enel X brings to Guadalupe Cooling is that it is able to achieve significant energy reductions— and subsequently, receive DR payments— without any impact on the quality of its produce or its ability to deliver solutions that meet the needs of customers. Guadalupe Cooling maintains complete control over its operation, thanks to the careful control and automation enabled by the integration of its Powerit solution and the Enel X EIS platform. This high level of control reduces risk significantly, while ensuring the quality of Guadalupe Cooling’s operations—and the produce it processes and ships. 

Enel X’s DemandSMART brings a range of powerful benefits to Guadalupe Cooling: 


In the past, Guadalupe Cooling did not participate in DR because the process of shutting down significant, complicated systems seemed too daunting and risky. With its Powerit/Enel X implementation, Guadalupe Cooling gets a sophisticated, fully automated system that takes the work out of large-scale energy reductions. But it also maintains much needed control so that it can monitor and measure changes, making adjustments when necessary. 

Easy Implementation

“Implementation was incredibly easy,” says Vincent. “It’s almost like it didn’t happen. Enel X does everything for you. The combination of Powerit and Enel X made it possible for us to participate in DR. And they kept it all simple and easy for us.”


Guadalupe Cooling’s DR implementation gives the company multiple scenarios to choose from when reducing energy use. “We can monitor our reductions and see where we’re being successful,” says Vincent. “And we can go with Plan A, B, or C depending on what needs to be shut down. Even though DR is automated, we still make the decisions and retain control—letting us meeting our DR targets while our core operations continue.” 

Comprehensive Monitoring

Enel X’s energy intelligence software lets Guadalupe Cooling take steps to further reduce energy use during a DR dispatch and to save additional money during off-peak periods. With Enel X, Guadalupe Cooling gets the information it needs to make better decisions throughout its complex, large-scale facility and to ensure continuity of its sensitive operations. 

Reduced Energy Costs

“Energy is one of our top expenses,” says Vincent. “So we’re glad to reduce our annual bill in any way possible. With DR, we can lower our energy costs while helping to protect the energy grid and the environment.” 

The Future

Vincent advises other produce-related businesses to enroll in DR, but to do their homework when choosing a program. “DR is a great choice for companies like ours, but when you’re dealing with perishable goods, it requires some careful thought and planning—and help from a reliable partner like Enel X,” says Vincent. “With every DR dispatch, we learn more and more about our energy use and how to reduce it.”

Energy is one of our top expenses. So we’re glad to reduce our annual bill in any way possible. With DR, we can lower our energy costs while helping to protect the energy grid, and the environment.

Danny Vincent, Plant Manager

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