Global Life Sciences Innovator Boosts Ongoing Efficiency with Enel X Energy Intelligence Software, Saving More than $75,000 Annually

Enel X brings a clarity and objectivity to commissioning that we couldn’t achieve with in-house resources.

Paul Lukitsch, Global Energy Manager

The Benefits

The critical benefit that Enel X delivers to Millipore is the ability to make major, ongoing progress on achieving corporate efficiency targets.

Enel X also delivers the following additional benefits to Millipore:

Ongoing Efficiency Increases

“We’ve done a lot of energy efficiency projects and were starting to wring the rag dry,” says Lukitsch. “Now we have skilled people who can look at our building data and make it meaningful to us—helping us tune and run our buildings more efficiently on an ongoing basis.” Enel X helps Millipore maximize efficiency over time, instead of just making one-time changes that may not stay in effect over the long-term.

Resilient Cost Savings

In the first year of the EIS deployment, Enel X identified more than $100,000 in possible efficiency savings. Ultimately, Millipore decided to move ahead with projects that achieved savings of more than $75,000. And these savings continue to accrue over time, since Enel X performs continuous analysis to ensure that building systems do not drift back into less-efficient, more costly operational patterns. In short, Enel X ensures that operational and behavioral changes—and their associated savings—endure, season after season, year after year.

Data-Driven Efficiency

Millipore already had a lot of data about energy use at its research and development center, thanks to its sophisticated BMS. However, data alone does not ensure efficiency. Enel X brings Millipore deep, real-world energy expertise that leverages new insights from this data. And it makes information readily available and understandable via online tools, dashboards and reports. The combination of software and expert personnel enables Millipore to identify real, achievable changes that boost efficiency and save money.

No Impact on Lab Functionality or Occupant Comfort

Enel X helps Millipore operate its R&D facility as efficiently as possible—without affecting sensitive labs. The Enel X teams detailed knowledge of the building, combined with its close collaboration with building technicians, ensure that any changes implemented are invisible to the scientists and researchers who rely on Millipore’s lab facilities for critical work.

Close Collaboration

Enel X works with Millipore executives, on-site facilities team, HVAC technicians, and other key personnel. This close collaboration helps ensure that potential energy efficiency improvements are explored from all angles—and that the best possible changes are implemented correctly.

The Future

Millipore’s decision to implement Enel X’s software at its research and development center was driven by the importance of the facility; as well as the availability of building data. As it moves ahead, Millipore is looking to deploy Enel X’s software to older facilities that may not have sophisticated building management systems.

We’ve done a lot of energy efficiency projects and were starting to wring the rag dry. Now we have skilled people who can look at our building data and make it meaningful to us—helping us tune and run our buildings more efficiently on an ongoing basis.

Paul Lukitsch, Global Energy Manager

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