Video: Why Ontario Businesses are Embracing Energy Storage

Behind the scenes of two Ontario energy storage projects

Earn Payments Through Ontario Demand Response

Demand response pays large energy users for reducing energy consumption

Try Our Ontario Energy Storage Calculator

See how much money an energy storage system could save your organization with our interactive tool.

No Capital Needed: Your Guide to No-Cost Energy Projects

Understand your financing options for energy storage, solar-plus-storage, and backup generator equipment upgrade projects

Kimberly-Clark Earns Millions Through Ontario Demand Response

See how this Ontario manufacturing plant maximizes demand response earnings

Capitalizing on Your Opportunities in Ontario’s Energy Market

Ontario businesses pay some of the highest electricity costs in North America.

Large energy users in Ontario partner with Enel X to finance energy storage projects to reduce energy spend and maximize payments through Ontario’s demand response program.

To discuss your options, contact us today.


Understanding Ontario’s Energy Storage Opportunity

Download our eBook to discover how Ontario businesses can reduce energy costs and support their local economy and environment.

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