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Reducing Global Adjustment Charges While Earning Demand Response Dollars

For the last two decades, Ontario’s commercial, industrial and institutional leaders have relied on Enel X for its innovative solutions for saving—and earning—money on energy, mitigating Global Adjustment (GA) charges through no-cost, no-risk energy storage, and enabling demand response participation. Using our peak prediction technology, organizations enrolled in the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) can reduce their Peak Demand Factor (PDF) and save more than $500,000 a year for every megawatt of peak consumption reduced.

And, like you, we’re always working to get better. Enel X has led the Ontario demand response market—the one that pays you for curtailing your consumption from the grid at times of peak demand—since 2008, driving $75M in payments back to businesses. On top of that, by incorporating intelligent energy storage solutions into your Global Adjustment mitigation strategy, businesses can address costly GA charges without disrupting facility operations—all at no cost to your organization.

From intelligent energy storage and demand response to energy supply and utility bill management, Enel X’s automated, data-driven solutions optimize the financial value of energy, helping you use energy more strategically to sustain the environment and your bottom line.

Regional Highlights

Reduce Global Adjustment Charges with Intelligent Energy Storage

Ontario organizations paid ~$13 billion in Global Adjustment (GA) charges last year. Did you pay too much? Enel X can help you reduce energy demand during system peaks to drive down GA charges dramatically—and with no capital budget. 

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Everything You Need to Know about Earning DR Payments in Ontario

Commercial, industrial, and institutional entities participating in demand response programs are compensated for the amount of electric load they are capable of removing from the grid when needed. Enel X is your demand response champion in Ontario. No one knows this market better or is more skilled at helping organizations like yours tap into this lucrative revenue stream.

Everything You Need to Know about Earning DR Payments in Ontario

See How Much Your Organization Can Save with Energy Storage in Ontario

Energy storage enables large commercial and industrial energy users to consume the lowest-cost electricity at the times when consuming from the grid is most expensive. In Ontario, this is a big opportunity. Try this interactive calculator tool to see how much money energy storage could save your organization.

See How Much Your Organization Can Save with Energy Storage in Ontario

Understanding Your Energy Storage Opportunity

Large commercial, industrial, and institutional energy users have experienced a drastic increase in electricity costs over the past decade. See how advanced energy-storage solutions can help you lower your energy costs while tapping into demand response programs—without any up-front capital.

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Customer Spotlights

Energy Storage

Amhil North America

Watch how Amhil N.A., a large thermal-former manufacturer, teamed with Enel X on an innovative on-site energy storage solution to reduce dependence on the grid during times of peak demand, lowering production costs. The solution has not only saved Amhill money: it has also demonstrated to customers their resolve to be more sustainable and energy efficient.

Demand Response


Learn how Kimberly-Clark’s Huntsville mill, a 24x7 operation that manufacturers large rolls of facial tissue, has integrated demand response into its operations, amassing more than $2 million in demand response payments since 2011, providing valuable support to the local grid by shedding 5MW of load during periods of peak demand, and gaining strategic down-time to provide needed machine maintenance.

Energy Storage

Algoma Orchards

See how a new energy-storage system is putting Algoma Orchards, a large family-run apple grower, on track to save $100,000 on electricity while providing welcome relief to the grid during times of peak demand.

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