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Midwest Energy Solutions

Lucrative Demand Response Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Customers

Enel X pioneered demand response in the U.S. and is the market leader throughout the Midwest and across the country. Our market experts can guide your organization through an array of demand response programs, from Emergency Load Response and Synchronized Reserves to Ameren Missouri’s Business Demand Response Program—and help you optimize participation for your business and bottom line.

For customers in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, see PJM Energy Solutions for more details on available demand response programs.

Enel X also has extensive experience upgrading on-site backup generators with no-cost financing solutions to streamline demand response participation.

The Midwest offers a number of opportunities to implement advanced energy management strategies. If your business is looking to re-evaluate its energy procurement plan to take advantage of market opportunities, predict system peaks, manage costly demand charges, or integrate renewable strategies, Enel X's team of advisors can help your organization achieve its goals.

Regional Highlights

Participating in Ameren Missouri’s Business Demand Response Program (BDRP)

BDRP is a peak-shaving program that reduces Ameren Missouri’s peak demand and maintains reliable electricity, while providing your commercial, industrial, or institutional organization valuable energy payments. Enel X is the sole provider of demand response for Ameren Missouri. Let us show you how to help the grid and your bottom line.

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Demand Management Drives Six-Figure Savings at Oil & Gas Company

With 42% of its annual energy spend hinging on demand charges across 12 facilities, this major oil and gas company turned to Enel X for help. Billing and usage insights paired with supplier-market expertise led to more than $800,000 in savings year one.

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Simplify Renewable Energy Purchases to Maximize Their Value

Businesses are embracing off-site renewable energy to lower costs, manage market risk, and achieve corporate sustainability goals. Yet most organizations find it difficult to integrate renewables into their supply mix to maximize their value. Enel X has a three-step process to help.

Simplify Renewable Energy Purchases to Maximize Their Value

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