October 2020 Massachusetts Monthly Market Commentary

Massachusetts Energy Market Insights: October 2020

Each month, our experts break down energy trends across the country.

Solar-Plus-Storage Opportunities in Massachusetts

Massachusetts businesses have access to financing for solar-plus-storage projects

Earn Payments Through New England Demand Response

Demand response pays large energy users for reducing energy consumption

No Capital Needed: Your Guide to No-Cost Energy Projects

Understand your financing options for energy storage, solar-plus-storage, and backup generator equipment upgrade projects

Project Spotlight: Fully Financed Backup Generator Equipment Upgrade

Enel X helped a water treatment plant maximize payments through New England’s demand response program

Capitalizing on Your Opportunities in Massachusetts’ Energy Market

Large energy users in Massachusetts partner with Enel X to manage risk on the energy markets, maximize payments through demand response, and finance solar-plus-storage projects to reduce overall energy spend. 

We develop custom strategies to solve your unique challenges and capitalize on your biggest energy opportunities.

To discuss your options, contact us today.


Partner With Us for Energy Storage and Solar-Plus-Storage Projects

Solar developers, engineering, procurement, and construction firms (EPCs), and consultants partner with us to integrate energy storage into their solar projects or connect their customers to solar-plus-storage technologies.

Learn more about partnering with Enel X

Massachusetts C&I Energy Storage: Everything You Need To Know

Download our eBook to find out why energy storage is so valuable in Massachusetts, and how C&I consumers are maximizing savings.

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Featured Resources

Articles, case studies, datasheets, videos, white papers, and more.

Demand Response Deconstructed: Get Paid for Your Flexibility

How exactly does demand response work? What do C&I energy users need to do to earn these payments? How do these programs affect the grid? Download our eBook to learn more about how your organization can capitalize on demand response programs.

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Demand Response

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Energy Supply Management

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Take Full Advantage of Your Renewable Energy Opportunities

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