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Energy Solutions for the Rest of North America

Cost-Saving Solutions for Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Energy Users

Wherever you have buildings in North America, Enel X has energy management solutions to help your bottom line, your local grid, and your sustainability commitments. 

First, we pioneered demand response, the lucrative programs that pay businesses and institutions like yours to curb energy use at times of peak demand. Then we added our energy advisory services and  storage solutions to provide the insights and automation needed to lower your energy bills and add renewables into your energy mix. 

Energy is growing in complexity. We simplify it. With Enel X, your organization can thoughtfully re-evaluate your energy procurement plan to take advantage of market opportunities, predict system peaks, manage costly demand charges, and integrate renewable strategies to address sustainability needs and track progress on emissions.

Regional Highlights

Identifying and Monetizing Your Energy Assets

The power grid is changing and adding more renewable energy. To help in the transition, organizations like yours can participate in programs that incentivize flexible energy use. Learn how businesses and institutions can earn revenue with assets like renewables, batteries, or even altered energy usage.

Identifying and Monetizing Your Energy Assets

Integrated ESG and Financial Reporting for Investors

Mainstream investors increasingly believe environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics have a direct impact on risk and return, and that managing sustainability issues will impact business performance over the long term. This environmental focus requires a new kind of reporting, one that weaves ESG metrics into corporate financial communications. Enel X has this covered and is ready to get you started.

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Energy Resiliency: Protecting Yourself from Power Uncertainty

Today’s energy grid is increasingly interconnected, complex, and under duress, susceptible to extreme weather and spikes in demand. Keeping the lights on is business-critical for the grid and all energy users—including businesses like yours. Learn more about the solutions that can help your organization become more energy resilient, and which ones are right for you. 

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Customer Spotlights

Utility Bill Management

Brunswick Corporation

Learn how this global leader in the recreational marine market adopted Enel X Utility Bill Management software as its central platform not only for processing energy bills worldwide, but also for tracking—and reporting on—emissions and other resource use, including water and waste handling. All told, Brunswick deployed the Enel X UBM solution to manage more than 800 different invoices per month across 60 locations, yielding the company’s first-ever enterprise-wide sustainability report in 2020.

Utility Bill Management

General Motors

Learn how General Motors, one of the world’s largest auto makers, uses Enel X Utility Bill Management to manage 1,700 monthly energy bills from 29 countries worldwide and drive nearly $50M in energy savings. See how the Enel X UBM platform has become GM’s central information hub for energy management, sustainability tracking, customized reporting, budgeting & forecasting, and more.

Demand Response

Leggett & Platt

Learn how North America’s largest independent manufacturer of consumer and industrial products teamed with Enel X to maximize demand response revenue across its portfolio of sites and lessen its impact on the grid.

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