Enel X Provides 5 MW Storage Solution to Berry Global in Ontario

  • Enel X expands its partnership with Berry Global with an agreement to install and operate storage systems for a total of 5 MW/10 MWh, which can generate an expected  20% - 30% energy bill savings throughout the life of the contract
  • The projects are due to be operational by summer 2019, helping Berry Global maintain its commitment to operational sustainability and energy efficiency

Boston, December 19th, 2018 – Enel X, the Enel Group’s advanced energy services business line, has signed an agreement with Berry Global, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products, to deploy 5 MW/10 MWh of lithium-ion energy storage systems. The project, among the largest in the Ontario market, can reduce energy spending at Berry Global’s Ontario operations by an expected 20% - 30%. 

“This agreement underscores the benefits our storage systems and software can bring to businesses, helping them improve their energy cost-savings potential and supporting their sustainability goals related to energy efficiency,” said Michael Storch, Head of Enel X in North America. “Enel X collaborates with customers to unlock new opportunities and deliver even greater value, including by making energy storage systems more accessible through the availability of flexible financing options.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Enel X will purchase, install and operate four battery systems for Berry Global and share in the economic benefits that are set to be created by the project. Enel X will also leverage on its market expertise to provide accurate peak prediction services and enrol the battery storage systems in IESO’s demand response programme. Like all Enel X storage deployments, this project will utilise Enel X’s Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Optimization software, and its unique capabilities to maximise the earnings potential across multiple options. 

Enel X’s DER platform will analyse Berry Global’s energy consumption patterns and optimise the battery use, with the aim to boost financial savings from managing Ontario’s system charges and to enhance Berry Global’s participation in IESO’s demand response programme.

This collaborative partnership allows Berry to drive continuous improvement in our energy usage,” said Rodgers Greenawalt, Executive Vice President of Operations for Berry Global.  “The battery and the DER platforms will assist us in optimizing our energy usage as we continue to pursue initiatives to reduce energy intensity and achieve our sustainability goals.”

The lithium-ion storage projects expand upon Enel X’s existing relationship with Berry Global, which has been a demand response customer since 2008. With the addition of the energy storage system, Berry Global is expected to see enhanced benefits from its demand response programme, while adding financial savings from managing peak charges. The storage system is due to be deployed in the summer of 2019.

The Enel X storage system can create additional value by optimising the use of the battery for IESO’s wholesale demand response programme. The energy intelligence software, DER, allows Berry Global to monetise its energy storage system by participating in the IESO programme, which pays large energy consumers for being on standby ready to reduce their electricity consumption in response to grid system needs, as well as providing incremental payments if and when they are dispatched. By tapping into the energy stored in the battery, Berry Global can reduce its energy consumption when required by the grid to contribute to its stability, without any impact on the company’s overall operations.

With this new project, Enel X expands its energy storage footprint in Ontario, where the company has signed deals with Algoma Orchards and Amhil North America to build and operate energy storage systems. Combined, these projects represent about 8 MW/16 MWh of battery storage capacity. 

Enel X is currently the largest commercial and industrial aggregator of demand response in the Ontario province with about 200 MW across approximately 400 customer sites. Again in Canada, the Enel Group’s renewables subsidiary Enel Green Power North America was awarded two wind projects in Canada, 115 MW Riverview and 30.6 MW Phase 2 of Castle Rock Ridge, both to be built in Alberta. The company already operates two wind farms in the Country, 76.2 MW Castle Rock Ridge in Alberta and 27 MW St. Lawrence in Newfoundland.

Demand response

Demand response programmes pay large energy consumers, such as manufacturing facilities, government agencies, and commercial real estate companies, to adjust their power consumption, with the aim to stabilise the grid. Demand response provides greater grid flexibility, stability, and more efficient use of power infrastructure; with a view to help maintain electricity prices as low as possible for all consumers.

Enel X is a new Enel global business line dedicated to developing innovative products and digital solutions in sectors in which energy is showing the greatest potential for transformation: cities, homes, industries and electric mobility. Enel X in North America has nearly 3,600 customers, spanning more than 10,000 sites, representing around 3.8 GW of demand response capacity and over 20 operational behind-the-meter storage projects. The company’s intelligent DER Optimization Software is designed to analyse real-time energy and utility bill data, improve performance, and manage distributed energy assets, including behind-the-meter storage projects. Enel X’s electric vehicle charging station technology, called JuiceBox®, and its JuiceNet® platform, provide smart management of electric vehicle charging and other distributed energy storage facilities. Enel X technology is present in more than 30,000 electric vehicle charging stations across North America.

Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator

2 Including demand response, peak shaving, demand management etc.

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