Enel X at CES 2020 in Las Vegas

Enel X and CES 2020 - Powering Sustainable Possibilities

A smart electrification approach is critical to addressing climate change. At Enel X, we’re deploying innovative solutions to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable energy future in homes, transportation, businesses and cities.

We lead the transformation of the energy sector

Consistently named one of Fortune Magazine’s “Companies that are Changing the World,” Enel is a globally recognized leader in sustainable energy. We serve more than 72 million customers in more than 30 countries across 5 continents, ranging from individual households to some of the world’s most influential corporations. 

Enel X’s innovative energy solutions provide customers with a full spectrum of energy services to create business value through sustainability.

Circular Economy

Enel X takes inspiration from the principles of the Circular Economy. It represents a new paradigm in which the use of raw materials is reduced to a minimum and renewable and secondary materials are used for as long as possible and to their greatest capacity. 

Our Products 

A more sustainable future requires technological innovation. We’re actively developing products that make our homes, businesses, and cities operate more efficiently and sustainably, ranging from innovative smart charging systems for electric vehicles to battery storage solutions that enable businesses to decrease costs and environmental impact.


Discover Enel X products and solutions for e-Mobility

EV Charging Stations from Enel X

Home EV Charging Stations

Charge your electric vehicle faster with JuiceBox charging stations


Discover Enel X products and solutions for e-City

Smart City Energy Solutions from Enel X

Smart City

Discover Enel X solutions to make your city smart and sustainable


Discover Enel X products and solutions for e-Industries

Demand Response from Enel X

Demand Response

Earn Payments for Reducing Energy Consumption Through Demand Response

Energy Storage and Microgrids by Enel X

Energy Storage and Microgrids

Reduce Costs, Improve Resilience, and Earn Incentive Payments with Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Resources

Discover More from Enel X

The energy industry is undergoing a radical transformation, and our mission is to help our customers discover ways to save money while also making more environmentally conscious energy decisions. Learn more about what our team can do for you.

Enel X in North America

Learn more about our products and services offered in North America

Enel X is the Official Smart Charging Partner of Formula E & MotoE

Learn more about how our smart charging technology is changing the world of driving and motor sports

Most Innovative Energy Projects of 2019

Innovation is critical for success and we’re shifting how customers engage with energy, moving to more sustainable and responsible uses.

Enel X and Related Companies Install New York City's Largest Battery Storage System

Learn more about how NYC's largest battery storage system will support the local grid with its energy reserve during times of peak demand.

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