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Increase the Value of Solar with Solar-Plus-Storage Solutions

As a standalone offering, solar power is a passive asset. By adding storage and machine-learning software, it becomes much more: a precision distributed energy resource that makes power more flexible, more resilient, and less costly.

Enel X Provides:

Solar-Plus-Storage Project Expertise

Enel X is both an energy storage and solar-plus-storage expert with dozens of successful projects across North America to its credit. We’ve learned from these experiences, and bring this knowledge to each new engagement.

Top-Performing Batteries

Enel X offers the industry’s best storage hardware backed by strong warranties and the know-how to integrate them quickly and easily with your solar assets.

Advanced Storage Software

Enel X ups the ante with its DER.OS. This best-in-class software combines machine learning with advanced prediction capabilities to make your solar-plus-storage deployments “intelligent,” maximizing their returns. 

Expert Teams & Tools

Enel X is an experienced and successful partner with dedicated sales and technical modelling resources to support business case optimization and deployment. 

Wide Market Access

Enel X brings more than 15 years of transactional wholesale energy markets expertise to each solar-plus-storage engagement, providing access to the broadest range of high-market-value programs across North America. 

Project Financing & Leads

With a strong balance sheet and an active Partner Portal, Enel X streamlines solar-plus-storage projects with commercial solar developers, while acting as a lead generator and project financier for EPC partners. 

$80B Balance Sheet

Enel X has turned a history of innovation into an $80 billion business. If applied innovation, financial stability, and project funding mean something to you, we’re the solar-plus-storage partner for you. 
Enel X battery energy storage
Enel X and Solect partner project for solar+storage at O&G Industries

Solect: Partners in Solar-Plus-Storage

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As a partner, Enel X has more experience in managing battery assets than any other company that we’ve found out there.”

Andreas Schmid

VP of Business Development, Solect Energy

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