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The “Plus” Makes All the Difference

Solar-plus-storage solutions transform solar-only deployments from “passive” assets—i.e. ones dependent on sunshine to generate power—into strategic assets that can be dispatched when most needed or valuable. Enel X offers solar developers and EPCs something rare in the market: a combination of advanced energy storage solutions, expertise in project planning and execution, proven solar-plus-storage success across North America, and the strong balance sheet and financing capabilities of a thriving global leader.

Energy Storage Solutions Expertise

Solar developers and EPCs need a solar-plus-storage partner that provides more than batteries. Enel X is the leader in solar-plus-storage deployments in North America, because we bring the comprehensive resources of a great partner: energy storage hardware, advanced software and energy market knowledge, and a proven ability to bring all the pieces together to make solar-plus-storage deployments successful.

Engineer showing Enel X battery energy storage technology

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Software Makes Solar-Plus-Storage Shine

Enel X DER.OS software is the game-changer solar developers and EPCs need to transform their solar power projects into intelligent, strategic solar-plus-storage assets. Combining machine learning with advanced prediction capabilities, Enel X DER.OS provides the intelligence and precision-dispatching needed to participate in demand response and other revenue-generating programs that maximize the value of solar.

A Proven Partner with a Big Balance Sheet—and Project Financing When Needed

Enel X is a global innovator in energy with an $80 billion balance sheet, providing solar developers and EPCs the benefits of partnering with an economically stable company and one synonymous with solar-plus-storage innovation and success. As an added benefit, Enel X’s strong financial position enables it to finance solar-plus-storage projects when needed.

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