Electric transit bus

Electric Transit Buses

Zero-emissions mobility for sustainable cities

Improving Quality of Life in Cities

Smart cities move with electric transportation. As urban areas shift to a more sustainable approach, Enel X can leverage its trailblazing experience and substantial investment in private e-mobility to offer zero-emissions transportation solutions for local governments. Transitioning to e-powered public transportation improves air quality, reduces emissions and noise pollution, cuts costs, and provides the public with a more comfortable and more extensive service.

Not Just Electric Buses 

Converting public vehicle fleets is just the beginning. E-powered public transportation solutions include upgrading bus stops and shelters, which will become smart and multifunctional. Sustainable, integrated, efficient and technological solutions also transform passengers’ public transport experience, even making wait times useful.

Enel X's Electric Buses

We are committed to improving the efficiency in our cities in order to make them smarter and more comfortable. Electrification of urban transport not only accelerates the development of sustainable mobility but also helps governments save money and optimize operations. Discover how

Our Solutions

End-to-End Offering

The electrification of public transportation does not just mean substituting obsolete carbon-fueled buses with electric ones. It also encompasses a wide spectrum of capabilities and know-how—from electric services management to urban mobility planning, from charging station construction to fleet operation and maintenance. The Enel X offer extends across the entire project cycle, providing end-to-end turnkey solutions to deliver electrified public transportation systems.

Electric buses at charging stations


Enel X helps its clients choose the most suitable vehicle fleets as well as the best way to finance them. Through in-depth feasibility and cost/benefit analyses and thanks to an extensive network of partners, Enel X can propose several different financing options for the supply of vehicles, batteries and maintenance services.

Row of electric buses

Charging Infrastructure

Enel X is the ideal partner to design, install, maintain and manage electro-terminals for e-bus charging thanks to in-depth preliminary studies on topography, user habits, local traffic and weather—the first step in designing the most efficient infrastructure and to calibrate the smart charging software. Enel X can also supply 100% renewable energy for a sustainable end-to-end service.

Enel X EV charging stations and buses

Smart Mobility Services

Digital ticketing systems, Big Data analyses on passenger flows, smart bus shelters with multiple assets delivering multiple functions are just some of the many services that Enel X can integrate into an e-bus project. Bus shelters, for example, can become multifunctional smart hubs with security cameras, digital screens for targeted communication, and integrated e-bike and scooter charging stations.

Electric bus on the road

Fleet Electrification Management

With Fleet Electrification Management by Enel X, public administrations can electrify their fleets through a turnkey solution complete with consulting, charging infrastructure supply and management services. The goal is to identify the methods, timetables and benefits of fleet electrification by analyzing the actual conditions of use of the vehicles concerned.

Aerial view of parked electric buses

Our Offer in Detail

Find out more about our flexible, comprehensive, end-to-end offering for electric public transportation systems in energy efficient and sustainable cities: from charging-as-a-service to installation and maintenance of infrastructure and much more.

electric bus stop illustration

Our Projects

Our journey towards sustainable transportation.

In Chile the fleet of electric buses is expanding

Another 183 electric buses will soon be operational on the streets of the Santiago Metropolitan Region in Chile, thanks to a public-private partnership

Ultra-fast charge for e-buses in Barcelona

Enel X delivers cutting-edge roadside infrastructure to keep buses running between stations

Sustainable transport drives smart cities

The trial run of Enel X’s zero-emission bus project in Savona was a showcase for the smart city of the future

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