Row of Enel X electric bus chargers

Electrify Your School Bus Fleet

Enel X provides turnkey electric school buses for an annual fee.

Enel X removes the high up-front cost of electrification

School Districts and Bus Operating Companies simplify their electrification journey with a comprehensive bundled solution and one annual fee.

Enel X provides:

Fleet Electrification Planning

Enel X is your partner for the entire electrification journey, beginning with the feasibility study and electrification planning, including optimal bus count, battery sizes, and charging strategy while optimizing TCO.

Electric Vehicle Procurement

Enel X helps our customers choose the most suitable electric vehicle for their needs through in-depth analyses, thanks to an extensive network of partners.

Charging Infrastructure and Services

Offering Level 2 and DCFC solutions, Enel X pairs the EVSE with an efficient charge management strategy to lower overall costs, which is supported via smart charge management software.

Energy Supply & Management

Integrated energy infrastructure solutions, including Solar, Storage, and Supply Advisory to enhance your project and improve project economics while providing system resiliency.

Financing to Fit Your Needs

Enel X can propose financing options for the supply of vehicles, batteries, and charging equipment to wrap the costs into one annual fee.

Vehicle-Grid Integration

Leveraging our world-class DR knowledge and capabilities to provide a revenue source to your school bus fleet, Enel X will assess and enroll your system in all ISO and Utility Programs applicable to your geography and load profile.

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