Energy Supply Management

Develop an Energy Purchasing Strategy to Manage Risk, Reduce Costs, and Improve Sustainability Performance

Reduce Costs and Manage Risk Through Strategic Energy Supply Management

In a complex and constantly changing energy market, it’s more important than ever for commercial and industrial energy consumers to be prepared for anything.

Enel X helps large energy users create and execute custom energy supply management strategies to reduce costs, manage risk, and adapt to new developments on the market.

Create and Execute a Custom Supply Strategy for Your Organization

Energy Supply Strategy Development

Establish the optimal energy supply strategy given your organization’s financial, risk, and sustainability priorities.

Live Reverse Auctions and Sealed Bids

Solicit bids and encourage competition from all available suppliers to secure the best price for your energy purchase.

Ongoing Market Intelligence & Advisory Services

Relevant Insights for Your Strategy

Receive regular updates on the market and regulatory developments that could affect your energy spend, with detailed analysis on how your organization should react.

Demand-Side Optimization Services

Work with our expert advisors to evaluate demand-side optimization efforts - including strategic operational scheduling and on-site distributed energy resources - and reduce exposure to high energy costs.

Simplify the Renewable Energy Market

Renewable Energy Strategy Development

Establish your objectives and execute a renewable energy purchasing strategy to maximize environmental and financial impact and manage risk on the traditional energy markets.

Easy and Accurate Carbon Impact Reporting

Report portfolio-wide emissions data to account for renewable purchases to meet all regulatory, industry, and custom standards.

Inside a Sample Auction: How the Bidding Process Works

Competition is critical to securing the right renewable contract for your organization. See how we get suppliers to compete for your business with this video.

Energy management comes down to analyzing cost and risk on an ongoing basis, and Enel X was our trusted advisor throughout the whole process. 

Director of Financial Analysis​ The Beal Companies

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