Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Smart Grid Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions to Minimize Costs, Earn Incentives, and Improve Sustainability

Turn EV Charging Into a Competitive Advantage

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging represents a massive opportunity for businesses, whether to modernize a fleet of vehicles, meet corporate sustainability goals, or provide onsite charging as a highly valued benefit for employees.

However, integrating EV charging into your facilities can carry significant implications around your energy consumption and costs.

Enel X's smart-grid EV charging solutions enable your organization to minimize costs, align EV charging with your sustainability goals and, in qualified geographies, access smart-grid incentives.

Cost Savings

Keep your energy costs in check by minimizing unwanted demand peaks and reducing utility demand charges.

Site Optimization

Ensure your EV charging load is coordinated with your site’s energy management systems.

Get Paid for Charging

Gain access to smart grid incentives from utilities and grid operators for charging at the right time.

Load Balancing

Future-proof your electrical infrastructure today to support your EV charging needs of tomorrow. Add more stations easily as EV adoption grows.

Sustainable Charging

Optimize EV charging to leverage the cleanest energy available.

Rugged, Compact Charging Hardware

Our easy-to-install hardware is durable and waterproof to minimize footprint and provide charging even in extreme weather conditions.


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