Backup Generator Upgrades

Backup Generator Upgrades

A Self-funding Solution that Powers EPA Compliance, Always-on Resilience, and Demand Response Excellence

Upgrade Now, Pay Never

Today’s backup generators do more than “keep the lights on,” they enable participation in revenue-producing demand-response programs responsible for reducing your overall energy costs. But there’s a catch—backup generators need to be cleaner than ever, and upgrading them to EPA standards can be complicated and expensive. Just not with Enel X. We’ll fully finance your upgrade, funding it through future demand-response revenue, while providing the analysis, vendor network, and future testing to ensure your upgraded generator performs at peak efficiency.

Upgrade Now, Pay Never

Enel X provides a turnkey solution:

Rapid Assessment

Enel X will quickly assess your backup-generator assets, determine your eligibility to participate in demand-response programs, and help select the program or programs right for your business.

Fully-Financed Equipment Upgrades

Enel X will finance and implement your generator upgrades, ensuring EPA compliance and high performance. We act as the single point-of-contact for your upgrade, managing all 3rd-party vendors throughout the implementation process, covering all costs through future demand response revenues.

Enrolling Generators and Maximizing Payments

Enel X will enroll your organization in demand response and develop a custom plan to maximize your payments, reducing your total cost of energy.

Customer Spotlights

Signature Breads

An employee-owned bakery in Massachusetts earns $100,000 annually by enrolling more facility load in demand response with a backup generator

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Pawtucket Water

Learn how Pawtucket Water upgraded its backup generator, enabling the utility to earn demand response payments and lessen its impact on the grid

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Texas Hospital

See how one Texas hospital upgraded nine backup generators to earn more than $450,000 in demand response

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Programs Available for Generator Participation

Featured Resources

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