Wasted Operating Expense

Take Control of Unmanaged Energy Costs

Tackle the Biggest Drivers of Unnecessary Energy Costs

Unlike other major operational costs that are driven by a simple price-times-quantity formula, energy spend is driven by how you buy energy (price), how much you use (quantity), and when you use it (time).

Without visibility into or control of these cost drivers, businesses can't manage energy like other major line items - hurting overall business productivity and profitability. Enel X works with large energy users to develop tailored plans to reduce their biggest energy-related cost drivers, as well as to leverage their facilities’ energy data to take control of operational, maintenance, and capital expense.

Energy Supply Management

Develop an Energy Purchasing Strategy to Manage Risk, Reduce Costs and Improve Sustainability Performance

Energy Efficiency

Identify and Capitalize on Your Biggest Opportunities to Improve Energy Efficiency

Utility Bill Management

Simplify Utility Bill Payment, Identify Bill Errors, and Streamline Reporting

Demand Response

Earn Payments for Reducing Energy Consumption Through Demand Response

Demand Management

Take Control of Costly Demand Charges with a Customized Approach

Others Problems We Solve

Addressing Your Key Business Problems Through Better Energy Intelligence.

Risk Management

Manage Energy Risk to Improve Profitability


Make Progress on Sustainability with a Strategy Tailored for Your Organization

Fragmented Data and Communication

Improve Communication Across Teams and Facilities