Fragmented Data & Communication

Fragmented Data & Communication

Improve Communication Across Teams and Facilities

Improve Communication Across Teams and Facilities

Fragmented energy data and communication breakdowns can lead to poor decision-making across functions and a lack of alignment around business goals.

Without the ability to coordinate their efforts internally, businesses often lack accountability around energy management and end up missing their biggest cost-saving opportunities.

To address these challenges, you need easy visibility into energy information and the tools to facilitate communication and collaboration on energy efforts.

Our combination of technology and energy industry expertise ensures your teams can spend less time trying to identify opportunities to reduce costs and more easily deliver results that improve profitability.

Resources to Make Energy Management Easy

Without the right tools, there can be a lot of guesswork and inconsistency in your team's approach to energy management. Our combination of expertise and software tools enables your teams to prioritize the energy projects that will have the greatest impact, assign project owners to establish accountability, and collaborate with team members to deliver results quickly.


Automate Internal and External Reporting

Too many businesses still rely on outdated tools like spreadsheets to collect and report energy usage data, increasing time spent on data processing and creating the risk for inaccuracy. Our suite of software provide easy access to energy usage data, as well as visibility into the status of ongoing energy efficiency projects. Our advisors ensure your data is accurate and comprehensive, enabling your team to spend less time creating reports and more time focusing on their primary objectives.


Easy Access to the Data You Need

When you needs access to specific data—such as line item detail from a single utility bill or usage data to evaluate distributed energy resources—do you know where to look and whether you’ll be able to receive it quickly? Enel X provides easy access to energy usage data, from a high-level view of portfolio-wide performance to granular insight into equipment behavior within specific sites. 


Manage Your Energy Contracts Proactively

Few businesses have the resources to stay on top of the developments in the energy markets, let alone respond to them as they develop. Enel X provides analysis of how major market developments and pricing trends will affect your organization, as well as a single platform to access all information on your energy supply contracts on-demand.

The roll-up view of total kilowatts saved gives us the high-level view, but we can also drill down into the details about specific areas, equipment, and possible changes. This detailed data gives us the insights we need to make informed decisions about which energy efficiency changes to pursue.​

Engineering Operations Director​

Morgan Stanley 

Demand Response

Demand Response

Earn Payments for Reducing Energy Consumption Through Demand Response

Utility Bill Management

Utility Bill Management

Simplify Utility Bill Payment, Identify Bill Errors, and Streamline Reporting

Demand Management

Demand Management

Take Control of Costly Demand Charges with a Customized Approach

Others Problems We Solve

Addressing Your Key Business Problems Through Better Energy Intelligence.

Wasted Operating Expense

Tackle the Biggest Drivers of Unnecessary Energy Costs

Risk Management

Manage Energy Risk to Improve Profitability


Make Progress on Sustainability with a Strategy Tailored for Your Organization

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