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Use Your Generator to Save Thousands on Your Energy Bill

Agricultural facilities can slash Global Adjustment charges with no upfront costs

Enel X predicts when system peak events are likely to occur

Enel X remotely transfers your facility’s load onto a generator during these times

Your organization will save about $500K in GA charges for every MW reduced

Frequently Asked Questions

Global Adjustment (GA) is a monthly charge on Ontario electricity bills. GA costs have steadily increased since 2010, making it the largest line item on most customers’ electricity bills—up to 70% for some.

GA charges are based on a company’s electricity use (demand) during the five busiest hours (“peaks”) on the grid between May and April of the previous year. This is known as their Peak Demand Factor (PDF).

The Ontario Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) categorizes large electricity consumers as “Class A.” Sites with average peak demand over 5 MW are automatically Class A but may opt out. Sites with peak demand over 1 MW and those in some industries with peak demand over 500 kW may opt in to Class A.

If customers can accurately anticipate when system peaks will occur, they can significantly reduce GA charges by reducing load at those times.

Customers can easily save more than $100,000 annually. Organizations that reduce their PDF by 1 MW relative to the previous base period save about $500,000 in GA charges over the following 12 months.

There are no upfront costs. If you qualify to participate, we install a transfer switch onto your generator at no upfront cost to you.

All agricultural facilities in Ontario are eligible to use their current backup generators to manage GA charges. You can monetize your existing generator through Enel X’s System Peak Predictor software.

Enel X sends you daily notifications about the likelihood of a peak event. We use our System Peak Predictor software to assess the likelihood of an event based on weather and market data.

For customers that choose remote generator transfer capabilities, Enel X does the work for you. We remotely transfer your electric load onto your backup generator.

Remote transfer customers can earn even more by opting into Ontario’s demand response (DR) program. DR offers payments to commercial and industrial customers who agree to reduce energy consumption at peak times.

To help our customers monetize their generator system, Enel X will:

  • Evaluate backup generator assets to determine eligibility
  • Finance and install equipment enabling Enel X to transfer your facility’s load onto its generator assets remotely
  • Enroll your organization in Enel X’s System Peak Predictor to reduce GA charges

We start by performing a tariff analysis to assess your eligibility and determine whether it would be advantageous for you to opt in to the ICI. Your facility must have an average peak demand greater than 1 MW from May 1 to April 30 of a given year to be eligible to participate in ICI. Please note that peak demand is assessed at the site level and loads from multiple sites cannot be combined to qualify.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the program, reach out to Enel X:

Enel X customers in Ontario save a combined $15 Million annually through Enel X’s System Peak Predictor program.

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