FAQ: Utility Distribution Load Relief Program (DLRP)

FAQ: Utility Distribution Load Relief Program (DLRP)

Frequently Asked Questions

Dispatch Months: May 1 – September 30

Dispatch Hours: 6:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Lead Time: 2 hours

Orange and Rockland (ORU), PSEG Long Island and Con Edison (Con Ed) all offer the DLRP utility program.

Our team of analysts determines your site’s enrollment value based upon the electrical load patterns at your facility, performance in your demand response test, and information regarding your facility’s operations. This value may be adjusted based upon dispatch performance history or your feedback.

You can change your enrollment annually, prior to April 1. Enrollment is adjusted based on your most recent performance. Your performance cannot result in a higher enrollment than the one you started the year with, but it can decrease and increase between 0 kW and your original enrollment level for the year.

Con Edison (Con Ed) calculates a “high 5 out of 10” average customer baseline (CBL) based on the average of the highest usage in each potential dispatch hour in the last five out of ten business days (excluding holidays and CSRP/DLRP/SCR dispatches).

Your dispatch performance is measured by the difference between your baseline and raw curtailment. Performance is determined by the most recent dispatch and will remain the same until another dispatch occurs.

Review your energy reduction plan (ERP) and plan ahead. Dispatches usually occur in the afternoon, between 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Consider scheduling shifts and work to be done up until the dispatch. Please do not shut down early in anticipation of a dispatch, as it might impact your performance numbers.

You can view your ERP and your dispatch performance by logging into apps.enelx.com.

In the event of a demand response dispatch, you will be notified via our automated system. You may receive email, phone, and SMS messages based upon your preferences, which you can view in the Enel X application. To add or change your site's contact information, please contact Enel X Support at support.EnelXNorthAmerica@enel.com or call +1 888 363 7662.

If your site is unable to respond to a demand response dispatch, please contact Enel X Support as soon as you can. Non-performance may affect your earnings and your facility’s future enrollment (and therefore, future payments).

Underperformance will negatively impact your payments until you are dispatched again. Your capacity payments will be adjusted proportionality compared to your enrollment in the dispatch month and going forward until the next dispatch.

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