DER.OS: A Smart Way to Manage Your Energy Assets

As more organizations install energy assets on-site, they need intelligent software to automatically manage all of their solutions. Enel X’s industry-leading DER Optimization Software coordinates your system to maximize savings from batteries, solar, backup generation, electric vehicle charging, and more.

DER.OS is a scalable management software system designed to maximize the economic value of distributed energy resources. DER.OS monitors, communicates with, and controls your energy network, interfacing with site-level and cloud-based systems simultaneously to deliver maximum benefit to your organization.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms, DER.OS re-calculates optimal performance every 15 minutes and maintains a 24/7 connection to Enel X’s Network Operations Control room.

No matter what resources you have, DER.OS optimizes across all value streams to:

Predict system peaks

and minimize demand charges

Analyze grid conditions and forecast facility load

to maximize savings

Store excess on-site solar energy

to deploy when time-of-use rates are highest

Participate in grid programs like demand response

creating an additional revenue stream for your facility

Fully Financed, Turnkey Energy Storage Projects

Enel X helps commercial and industrial energy consumers capitalize on opportunities in the energy markets. With a suite of flexible financing options, Enel X will cover all required costs and take responsibility for installing and operating the assets so your organization can capture the value—without committing to a capital investment.

Interested in battery storage? Learn about how you can upgrade your facility’s energy system without the risk of a capital investment.

Download our Guide to No-Cost Energy Projects below.

We saw the opportunity for a storage facility onsite and are gratified to have partnered with Enel X to bring a clean energy solution that will improve energy reliability in the community.

Luke Falk, Vice President of Related Companies

We’ve had this Enel X battery storage system for about five or six months and we’ve had projections that we can save $100,000 per year. It’s good for the grid, good for the people of Ontario so we don’t have to build more facilities to generate more power, and it’s good environmentally.

Kirk Kemp, President of Algoma Orchards

This innovative collaboration with Enel X will enable us to take the campus to the next level by generating and storing energy in a fashion that minimizes our costs and maximizes the value of the solar energy we generate on the rooftop.

UMass Boston Interim Chancellor

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