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An Integrated, Proactive Approach to Energy Management

Commercial & Industrial energy management has evolved from traditional supply management to managing an integrated portfolio of energy technologies and strategies, including renewable energy, battery storage, demand management, and sustainability projects. Today’s organizations need the right partner and digital tools to successfully achieve their sustainability goals through strategic energy management.

Enel X’s energy experts and advisors leverage the Enel X Connect platform to help commercial, industrial and institutional leaders seamlessly develop an integrated sustainability roadmap and execute a strategic energy plan to curb emissions, maximize return on investments, and reduce risk in the market.

Enel X Connect: A Closer Look

Enel X Connect integrates advanced energy management capabilities into a global, intuitive platform:

Utility Bill Management

Streamlined invoice collection, processing, and payment alleviates manual processes and gives energy experts access to reliable data to make informed decisions.

Carbon Accounting

Automated greenhouse gas and carbon accounting using validated invoice data and account specific emission factors facilitates global emission reporting and transparency.

Supply Management

An Exchange for running competitive sourcing events; a portfolio management tool for staying on top of market trends and opportunities; and a virtual repository for storing contracts and reports.

And with Enel X, our experts are there to guide you every step of the way.

Enel X’s energy experts work directly with C&I, institutional, and utility/wholesale customers—engaging directly with senior leadership through stakeholder workshops to craft a unique energy supply strategy, exploring different products across traditional and renewable sources to meet their goals.

Then they put it into action using Enel X Connect, our best-in-class software platform, which provides the 21st century automation advantage you need to understand, monitor, and manage energy at a single site or across a portfolio of facilities.


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Featured Products

Energy Supply Management

Energy Supply Management

Develop an Energy Purchasing Strategy to Manage Risk, Reduce Costs, and Improve Sustainability Performance

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Take Full Advantage of Your Renewable Energy Opportunities



Make Progress on Sustainability with a Strategy Tailored for Your Organization

Utility Bill Management

Utility Bill Management

Simplify Utility Bill Payment, Identify Bill Errors, and Streamline Reporting

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