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Enel X Connect

Introducing Enel X Connect

Enel X Connect is a new digital resource management application that combines Enel X’s Energy Supply Management, Utility Bill Management, and Sustainability services. Enel X Connect provides energy, finance, and sustainability managers with the tools and data they need to more effectively track and manage their resource portfolio. There are three main pillars to Enel X Connect: 

Sustainability Tracking and Reporting

Resource Usage Visualization and Risk Management

Simplified Finance and Accounting Tools

Track and Manage Your Resource Usage

X Connect tracks and manages data across locations for corporations and other organizations, and streamlines a variety of processes. It supports procurement of traditional and renewable electricity and natural gas, and tracks usage of water, waste, and more than 50 other commodities through utility bills. X Connect can be configured to give users access to all sites and data, or only the specific sites a user is responsible for.

For Finance, Energy Management and Sustainability

X Connect manages three core aspects of customer resource management: (1) finance and accounting; (2) energy management; and (3) sustainability. By combining these tasks into one platform, it simplifies cross-functional work.

Features for a Better User Experience

X Connect has support for multiple languages: English, British English, and Italian. It works on both desktop and mobile. It allows users to manage site details including address, floor area, occupancy, contacts, schedule, and KPIs, as well as user details like name, job title, and user roles.

To learn more about Enel X Connect, download our brochure or contact us to set up a demo

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