Convenient Home EV Charging for Less

If you get an electric vehicle, you’ll want to charge it at home. It’s the easiest way: with the right charger, you can just plug in when you get home and let it juice up overnight. Enel X’s JuiceBox smart home charging stations come with all the power and smart features you need to charge your car conveniently and cost effectively right from your home.

Charge Overnight

JuiceBox Level 2 chargers can charge your electric vehicle up to nine times faster than the standard Level 1 chargers that come with most new EVs, and can take days to fully charge a car. They’re also universally compatible with all electric car models, including Teslas using a Tesla-provided adapter—so they’re good for your current EV, and the next.

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ev charging at home with phone

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Save with Smart Charging

The time of day you charge your EV makes a big difference in how much it costs. Electricity rates are cheaper during “off-peak” times, like 2am, when demand is low. With JuiceBox smart chargers, you can save by scheduling your EV charging to take place during these less expensive times.

Lower Carbon Emissions

The smart charging time-of-use feature that offers cost savings also enables more sustainable charging. By charging during off-peak times, you’ll use cleaner energy and avoid electricity sourced from dirty “peaker” power plants. With JuiceEco Renewable Energy Certificates, you can match the energy consumption of your electric vehicle with renewable energy.

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Easy to Install

JuiceBox smart home EV charging stations are not hard to install, and completely worth it. You can do it yourself or hire an electrician. In a recent survey, 64 percent of JuiceBox owners said it was very easy to find an electrician to install JuiceBox at home. Setup is simple and hassle-free.