Enel X’s Circular Economy Boosting Program

Enel X’s Circular Economy Boosting Program

Enel X’s Circular Economy Boosting Program

Enel X positions itself as a Circular Economy Booster both internally and externally, proposing a program to increase the level of circularity of its solutions on the first and on the other that of companies and public administrations customers.

end of life; maintenance; customer use; installation; logistics; sales; procurement; manufacturing; design; VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS

Enel X Circular Economy Reports for companies and PAs

Enel X offers companies and municipalities the opportunity to obtain detailed reports on their current circularity levels and to then boost the latter, using a roadmap of innovative solutions crafted around each individual client’s specific requirements. If you are a company, you can evaluate the benefits of circularity with the Enel X Circular Economy Client Report. If, however, you are a municipality, please request our Circular Economy PA Report.

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