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Streamlined Bill Payment and Line-item Detail of Utility Use Across the Enterprise

Making the right energy decisions, reporting sustainability progress, reducing commodity costs and waste, and continually monitoring progress—whether at the enterprise level or on a site-by site-basis—comes down to understanding and managing each and every utility bill. With Utility Bill Management, you get more than an automated invoice processing and payment service, you get the keys to managing your energy portfolio—and every other commodity you care to track—in one easy-to-use platform. And with Bill Pay, you can eliminate the administrative burden of paying invoices while eliminating late fees in the process.

How Enel X Utility Bill Management Works

Commercial and industrial companies receive hundreds of utility bills monthly, often across multiple facilities. Find out how Enel X’s UBM service empowers companies to make on-time payments and achieve energy and sustainability goals.

Enel X Provides:


A Single, Comprehensive Platform

Manage every bill, for every commodity, in any location regardless of state, region or country. Using the convenience of a single powerful and highly customizable platform, Enel X Connect, you can access and engage with every aspect of reporting, management, and payment.

Automated, On-Time Payments

With UBM’s Bill Pay feature, Enel X issues payments on a daily basis to any of your vendors. Enel X shares late payment risk, relieving companies of the financial burden associated with late fees.

Global Data Conversion

Utility Bill Management from Enel X simplifies global reporting on commodity cost. View usage and analyze spending trends with seamless conversion of any metric. Report on any commodity with ease and transform any unit into the currency of your choice. Our advanced metrics are the simplified solution for industrial energy management.

Sustainability Tracking

Utility Bill Management provides a single source to analyze portfolio-wide data from energy, water, and other utility bills to assess sustainability energy performance, identify areas for continuous improvement, and establish key performance indicators. Enel X’s customizable solution ensures compliance with benchmarking laws and regulatory regimes while streamlining the calculation and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.



Portfolio Performance Monitoring

Regain control of your energy management thanks to Enel X's portfolio performance monitoring. Utility Bill Management makes it easy for you to identify areas of high energy cost and consumption across your portfolio. Analyze energy consumption, prioritize energy cost reductions, and create reports exactly as you want them with this commercial energy management solution.


Enel X’s energy management program is the simple solution that offers powerful reporting for maximum transparency. With our business intelligence tools you can customize and track monthly KPI’s, like kWh/widget produced, or gallon of water/tenant within your organization.


Cost-Crushing Automation and Efficiency

Bring your utility bill management into the modern age with Enel X. Our energy management system transforms and digitizes manual processes to deliver custom AP files. With Enel X you can eliminate wasted time and cost from the invoice-to-payment cycle. Utility Bill Management will even boost billing accuracy and on-time payment! With support for advanced budgeting, accruals, and alerts, Enel X’s solutions help you focus on the bottom line and energy saving opportunities.
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Enel X provided our bank a global UBM service, which supported ISO 14064 certification, energy per­formance and bench­marking, and utility bill auditing. They have solved data collection require­ments ranging from the interception of in-country bills to auto­mated data feeds from utility data services.

Global Head of Energy and Sustainability, Deutsche Bank