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Smart EV Charging Solutions

Electrifying fleets and supporting employee adoption of EVs is providing businesses a rare win-win opportunity: enhancing ESG credentials while driving down operational costs. Enel X is the only global partner as experienced in EV charging solutions as it is in distributed energy resources and energy management, further optimizing your electrification benefits.

Smart Fleet Solutions

Businesses across industries, from high-tech to telecom and biotech, are looking for zero-emission replacements for their aging fossil-fuel-powered fleets to meet their transportation needs. Enel X brings together all the pieces to make fielding an EV fleet efficient, effective, and environmentally-friendly.

Learn more about Enel X’s clean fleet solutions.

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Smart EV Charging Programs for Employees

Growing EV adoption requires a smart EV infrastructure to match. Enel X helps businesses quickly gain the clean-energy benefits of a smart charging infrastructure to support, and turbocharge, employee EV adoption.

Learn more about Enel X’s flagship smart charging station, the JuiceBox.

Maximize Savings with Your EV Charging Investment

Sustainability isn’t the only catalyst for EV adoption. Smart EV charging infrastructure incentives are available across North America, enabling businesses to save 90% of EV charging project costs.

Learn more about cost savings strategies in our eBook.

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