Serve Your Customers Better as an Enel X Partner

Deepen Your Customer Relationships

The Enel X partner community is a collection of organizations aligned to our vision to change the way the world uses energy. Committed to enabling more intelligent energy decisions together, we’ll work with you to maximize your revenue and profitability, improve your credibility, and more deeply engage your customers. Underpinned by comprehensive resources and training, our partnerships are designed to maximize your success.


Software Referral Partners

Help your customers transform energy management into a competitive advantage by becoming an Enel X energy intelligence software reseller.

Ideally suited for companies that serve large, complex enterprises, our software solution helps large enterprises drive profitability, mitigate their exposure to price volatility and risk, and proactively tackle compliance and reporting challenges.

Our referral partners serve a variety of sectors, including:

  • Management consultancies
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability consultants
  • Equipment or hardware (e.g., BAS) manufacturers
  • Software and services companies focused on energy, sustainability reporting, operational efficiency, facilities management, and related disciplines
  • Industry and government associations and other nonprofit organizations

Our referral partners serve a variety of sectors, including:

Demand Response Referral Partners

If you have clients that can reduce at least 100 kilowatts of electricity demand a few times a year, help them capitalize on an attractive revenue opportunity by becoming a demand response referral partner. Your clients will get access to the world's leading platform, proven expertise, and track record for flawless execution.


Procurement Referrals Partners

Help your commercial customers get the best possible price for energy by becoming an Enel X procurement partner. Your customers will get access to our energy procurement platform, including our reverse auction technology, and expert guidance on how to secure the right contract for their business.


Technology Partners

Enel X has created a leading energy intelligence software solution by coupling our organic product development activity with a targeted partnership strategy. Examples include our partnerships with WeSpire, SunPower, and Tesla. If you have a unique technology that complements Enel X 's solution, either for enterprises or utilities, we want to hear from you.

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