Electric mobility comes to Malnate

Published on Friday, 16 February 2018

“One of the main objectives is to encourage citizens to use alternative means of transport instead of petrol or diesel-powered cars, and thus to contribute to reducing the carbon emissions that result from the use of these vehicles. The first and inevitable step to take concerns infrastructure and that is why we thank Enel X for giving us the opportunity to create the first charging network in our territory”

– Giuseppe Riggi, Councillor for Transport in the Municipality of Malnate

In September, the municipal administration placed 12 monitoring stations along the main access roads to the town to survey the flow and type of traffic entering and leaving the municipality at different times of day. At the same time, consultants liaised with the council offices to collect all of the previous information concerning mobility, road accidents and centres of interest (schools, services, etc.) in the town and distributed the first questionnaires to the town’s inhabitants to study their mobility habits.
This work was part of the ongoing studies of the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan, PUMS that enabled the administration to identify strategic points in which to position the Enel X charging columns.

In order to promote the spread of zero emission mobility in Italy, the Enel Group has launched a national plan for the installation of charging infrastructure, aiming to install around 7,000 charging columns by 2020 and 14,000 by 2022. The programme provides for widespread coverage in all of Italy’s regions and plans to install more than 2,500 charging stations across Italy by the end of 2018.

In the coming months, work will therefore begin on the 10 charging stalls in Malnate that will revolutionize mobility in the municipality, making it an example of good practice in efficiency and sustainability.