Sustainable mobility: Enel and MiBACT together for zero-impact tourism

Published on Tuesday, 20 February 2018

“There can be no sustainable tourism without sustainable mobility. That’s why agreements like the one signed today are crucial to achieving the objectives set out in the Strategic Tourism Plan, which involves developing the sector in total harmony with the local area, also in a zero-emission framework”

– Dario Franceschini – Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism

MiBACt’s Tourism General Management will coordinate the technical review boards for the activities with the various departments of central management, local management and associations in the sector. The Ministry also aims to support charging station installation procedures and promote electric mobility for tourists through a targeted communications initiative for sustainable tourism. This is in line with the annual and triennial plans drawn up by Enit, Italy’s national tourism body.

Enel has launched a plan that envisages the installation of around 7,000 charging points across the country by 2020, and a total of 14,000 by 2022. These will be managed remotely by advanced computer technology that can respond to the current and future demands of highly developed, sustainable urban mobility. The group has significantly intensified its dialogue with public bodies to offer electric mobility as a form of sustainable transport. This will promote good practice and tangible benefits in terms of pollution reduction, economic growth and development opportunities throughout the entire sector.