Enhancing the artistic heritage and energy efficiency at the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo

Published on Thursday, 22 February 2018

Enel’s technological experience has made it possible to strike a perfect balance by using a combination of tailor-made solutions. Installed on an electrified rail, which allows easy movement if necessary, the new spotlights are extremely compact and feature the latest LED technology, which also includes the possibility to dim the brightness and customize the focus and width of the beam. Linear LED tubes fixed on existing tie rods and LED cube spotlights were strategically positioned at the points where there was a need for more efficient and adequate lighting, in full respect of the architecture of the main rooms. The electrical connections were also designed with the aim of preserving the existing structures; a new mineral-insulated copper-clad system was mounted externally, resulting in a solution that is flexible and ergonomic.

The inauguration ceremony on 20 February was attended by: Emanuele Sguazzi, Head of B2B and B2G Italy at Enel X, Davide Ciciliato, Head of Market Central Italy at Enel and Paolo Sardelli, former President of the Lions Club of Barberino Montelibertas. The guests were hosted by Father Giuseppe Casetta, Abbot General of the Abbey, David Baroncelli, Mayor of Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, and Eugenio Giani, President of the Tuscany Regional Council.

With Enel’s new innovative solutions, artistic heritage seems to become even more beautiful when it is illuminated with the right colour temperature and supported by a technologically advanced system that, in this case, allows the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo to achieve savings of more than 70%.