Electric buses: Enel technology on the streets of Santiago, Chile

Published on Tuesday, 13 February 2018

“Enel provides the necessary infrastructure for charging the vehicles, enabling the widespread introduction of electric public transport in both the capital Santiago and in other metropolitan regions of Chile. The company is actually contributing towards decontaminating the cities, taking part in a process that is improving the quality of life of Chile’s citizens”

– Simone Tripepi, Manager of Enel X Chile

Enel has been involved from the very beginning in the process of integrating this new technology in the South American nation. This is precisely why some of our Group’s representatives were present for the Chilean Transport Minister Paola Tapia’s visit to China for the approval of the new vehicles, with the aim of supervising the delivery and ensuring that the high quality standards set at the design stage had been met. The alliance between Enel and Metbus has pioneered a new way forward and the Chilean company is the first to integrate the new electric technology into its fleet.

After the e-buses’ first two months of operations, their passengers have expressed very high levels of satisfaction with the new sustainable public transport. According to reports, travellers on the Transantiago network responded very positively to the efficiency of the vehicle’s air conditioning system and the insignificant noise pollution created in the city’s streets. It has also been found that electric buses are less prone to vandalism and attempts to travel without tickets, thus highlighting a tangible process of cultural evolution in terms of public transport.

Public mobility is getting greener every day in the Chilean capital: a model of good sustainable transport that we want to take elsewhere thanks to the e-mobility division of Enel X.