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To realize a sustainable society

Use big data analysis and programming languages to solve social issues.

Joined 2019 Headquarters Senior Data Strategist

With an interest in social issues from his time in college and living abroad, he joined the company in 2019 as a newly graduated student to contribute to sustainability. He is in charge of data analysis and automation of internal operations with Japanese, English, Chinese, and programming languages.
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What was your major at university and what did you do before joining Enel X?

I majored in political science and economics at university and studied in France for two years. In France, people are highly aware of environmental issues, and this influenced my interest in social issues such as sustainability.


In graduate school, I studied Bayesian statistics, a method of analyzing big data. Since I wanted to make use of this knowledge, I felt that a position as an analyst handling large amounts of electricity data would be ideal for me.


I joined Enel X because I believed that I could use my overseas experience and the knowledge I had gained in graduate school to work on sustainability issues.

What are your current roles?

I was the first newly graduated employee to join Enel X. I have been working in the Business Operations Division in Markets Operations Department.


At the beginning of my career, I worked as an energy market analyst and was in charge of data analysis, Demand Response operations, and the development of tools to automate business operations. Now I have been promoted to senior data strategist. I am not only in charge of data analysis and tool development, but also work with engineers and product managers in our overseas branches using Python and other programming languages.

What are the challenges you have faced since joining Enel X Japan?

I had no knowledge of the power industry, so it took me a while to get used to a large amount of terminology. I also had a hard time grasping the overall picture of the industry, such as how related organizations like power transmission and distribution companies, retailers, JEPX (Japan Electric Power Exchange), and OCCTO (Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators) interacted with each other and what roles each had.


I was able to overcome these challenges by learning the basics through on-the-job training (OJT) and by asking senior members. Enel X has a culture of asking anything to anyone. I have never encountered a senior employee who told me to "ask anything" and then gave me a sour look when I tried to ask a question. It was really helpful and I am grateful for that.

How would you describe the interpersonal relationships?

There is a relaxed atmosphere here regardless of age or company background. On the other hand, naturally, I feel that everyone treats each other with respect and uses polite language. I feel it is very well-balanced.


I think that people at Enel X tend to communicate on a factual basis, without emotional arguments. It is because each employee first "understands the current situation" that they are able to think logically and build a flat relationship where they can ask anyone anything.

What is your favorite part of your job at Enel X?

I enjoy the time when I am creating tools to predict electricity data using Python because the knowledge I acquired in graduate school comes in handy.


I also enjoy creating work automation tools. I find it rewarding when I am able to improve the efficiency of work for the team through these tools because I can see visible results and contribute to improvement. I am very happy to receive recognition when people tell me that my work is "helpful" or "great".

What are your career plans at Enel X in the future?

I hope that we can continue to carry on the fair and equal culture and be a team in that everyone can raise their voice and helps each other.


So far, I have mainly developed Demand Response operation tools. In the future, I would like to contribute to both the company and society by further improving the centralized management of information and developing tools for new businesses.

Please explain your working style.

I am conscious of working smart, balancing work and other activities well rather than working long hours. I can work on a hybrid of coming to work and working from home, and I think I am maintaining a good work-life balance without any decrease in work efficiency or productivity.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

On my days off, I sometimes look for nearby gourmet restaurants and go out to eat. Our office is located in Nihonbashi Muromachi, where there are many well-established restaurants and gourmet food, making it a great place to have lunch on weekdays. Sometimes the entire company gets together for barbecues and other events, so I also look forward to catching up with colleagues I don't always get to see.

Any message for future Enel X members?

Enel X is a company that appreciates the efforts of its employees. We encourage other members who have performed well by giving them a "like" via an online chat tool. We also have the custom of evaluating each other's efforts without regard to age or company history.


The power industry is currently in a period of transformation where new systems and rules are being created one after another. The pace of change is rapid, so I think Enel X is a good fit for people with strong intellectual curiosity. In addition, each of us has our own projects, so everybody is expected to take a leadership role in our work. The job can be a challenge, but I feel that many growth opportunities are well worth the effort.