Imagine a new energy to shape the future

To create a New Energy we need the best talent: dynamic people, with team working skills and able to anticipate trends. Here's how Francesco convinced us when we asked him to imagine the future and to become part of our team

Why did I choose to work here? To imagine the future with an open mind and flexibility, ready for change

Francesco Lo Turco

Digital Communications Specialist

I swipe through the news of the day. An alert tells me that I have a train to catch. I had already felt a vibration from my smart watch but had chosen to ignore it.

I go down to the garage to my e-car. I arrive at the station. Digital panels recognise me from photos connected to social networks, and offer me magazines like “Wired”, having cross-checked my most recent web searches with my schedule for the day.

My Google Glass gives me the details of my seat and the duration of my journey.

The LED screen outside the Hyperloop announces in large letters “MILAN-ROME, 30 minutes”; I smile as I remember how this trip used to take 3 hours.

Thank you passive magnetic levitation!

On the train I’m bombarded by the usual barrage of targeted advertising based on my interests, and suggestions of things to do once I arrive at my destination. I put on my headphones to shut out the sound and, more importantly, the digital assault.

I arrive at Rome Termini station. I yawn and disembark from the capsule, book an Enel e-bike, which is ready and waiting at the recharging column... let’s hope that the tunnels aren’t too busy today with the work on the new fibre optic cable. I’ll find out as soon as I get going.

In 3 minutes I’m at number 137, Viale Regina Margherita. The first time I came I had made a mistake, attracted by the “ENEL” logo projected onto number 125. This time when Paolo Castignoli invited me to the meeting he also left a luminous geo-localized tag outside the correct entrance.

I descend from my silent vehicle. The temperature in Rome is 35 degrees and there’s a gentle westerly breeze. At the restaurant Roma Sparita in Trastevere there is a discount on “pasta cacio e pepe”. I remember the reviews from this morning and opt instead for the “saltimbocca” in the Monti neighbourhood.

Through the glass of the building I can see a group of people on running machines attending a circular meeting. I recall having read an interview with Venturini in which he mentioned the company’s new incentives for producing energy through physical activity.

The staff at reception know who I am the moment I pass through the biometric recognition system at the entrance.

Paolo, Stefania and Pamela arrive using the “axial elevator”. Its KONE energy recovery system powers the “ENEL” sign at the entrance.

And you? Have you already thought about what you will do tomorrow?