The pagoPA challenge: simple, secure payments

The pagoPA challenge: simple, secure payments

Payments towards public administrations need to be as simple, secure and transparent as possible. For this to happen, public administrations must be capable of accepting payments through the pagoPA node by the end of February 2021 and must be compliant with the new standards for POS used by this electronic payments system, by June 2021.

To support the public administrations in this technical transition, Enel X is making a range of simple, convenient leading-edge services available through its subsidiary PayTipper. Specifically: 

  • Pocket PA, the end-to-end solution for POS payments which is also compliant with the new standards set out in the June 2020 guidelines compiled by pagoPA*
  • Solutions for managing and paying for services for schools.

Enel X offers solutions to help manage payments of pagoPA alerts through its subsidiary PayTipper, an accredited company that has been operating on the pagoPA node since 2016 and one of the top five payment service providers (PSP) in Italy in 2020.


Pocket PA

Pocket PA from PayTipper is an agile, secure and convenient end-to-end solution that includes a terminal and pagoPA management software, a 2D barcode reader and a printer. This allows you to:

  • Comply with the pagoPA standards that come into force in June 2021
  • Eliminate commission charges for the payee (multiEnte solution), which reduces costs for the public administration compared to current POS solutions  
  • Easy reading of QR codes on pagoPA alerts and printing of the pagoPA receipts   
  • To manage barcode reading and printing receipts for all postal payments
  • To communicate payments made in real time to the pagoPA node. This means that both the organization in question and the final user have instant proof of payment   
  • To integrate with the software used by the various organizations to allow the completely automatic transmission of the amount to be paid via the POS and without the need to install any additional software.  

Two different Pocket PA terminal models are available: fixed position and with connectivity included. Both of which can be rented easily.


School service management

The suggested options to flank and integrate schools’ administrative activities are also very useful.  The solution developed allows the management of payments for various activities such as:

  • registration
  • recording presences for food and drink charges (such as the canteen)
  • Top-ups on pagoPA
  • Managing reminders and communications for parents through portal and sent via text/email

A very broad range of services that are in line with the philosophy underpinning Enel X’s financial services: widespread, simple and secure.


What is PayTipper?

An Enel X subsidiary, PayTipper is an accredited Payment Institution that has been operating on the pagoPA node since 2016. PayTipper allows pagoPA payments to be accepted (Model 3), through its own offline and online channels.  

* “Payments made at physical POS in the pagoPA system (June 2020)” available through the pagoPA site by following this link:


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