Public lighting

Our Smart Lighting systems are a step ahead in street lighting. Designed to achieve maximum energy and economic savings, together with excellent visual comfort, they increase citizens’ perception of safety. Our innovative technology also ensures uniform light distribution and reduces light pollution.

Public administrations that turn to our company are also offered energy efficiency interventions and measures to ensure regulatory compliance at zero cost, as well as a significant reduction in operating expenses from the very first year.

We are able to develop these solutions thanks to our know-how and financial solidity, as well as our ability to make best use of the instruments made available by sector regulations (such as Public-Private Partnerships and Project Financing).

How circular is public lighting?

Other services for your city

Artistic lighting

Enel X transforms light into a tool to enhance the value of architectural works, to the benefit of art, but first and foremost of citizens

Digital city

We develop cutting-edge solutions to integrate Smart Lighting projects with other value-added services: this is how the "Digital City" is built

Smart buildings

Energy efficiency in building management is one of the cornerstones of smart cities. We provide innovative, high-tech services for this purpose

Optical fiber

On March 3 2015, the Italian Government approved the Italian Strategy for Ultra-wideband with the aim of reducing Italy’s digital gap, by developing fixed and mobile telecoms infrastructure

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