“Flexibility” is key

There’s a new buzz word in the energy ecosystem: flexibility. Demand Response provides the answer to the new requirements arising in a market in full transition, where customers have become key players in a paradigm which has shifted to focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The solution is balancing services, and renewable energies are, without a doubt, the only energy of the future.

Eliano Russo, Head of e-Industries at Enel X, and Mike Storch, Head of Enel X North America, comment on how the catalogue offered by Enel X, global leader in Demand Response, has developed. Demand Response provides an opportunity that creates value for both the customer and the electrical grid, explains Russo. This generates economic benefits for the consumer and contributes to the stability of the grid, which the client actively participates in through the programme. The penetration of renewable energies in the North American market has tripled in only 20 years, adds Storch, and now, with services providing greater grid flexibility and stability, concern about instability is a thing of the past.

Over 6,000 companies worldwide turn to Enel X to maximise their participation in Demand Response programmes and they can now benefit from Fast DR which allows Enel X to engage its clients in balancing services with a quicker activation time. Storage systems are another essential tool in this energy revolution, and the focus of a significant investment in the field by Enel X over the next three years, alongside e-mobility, smart lighting and, of course, Demand Response.


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