The Sermetra Group and ePrice enjoy fast easy payments with PayTipper

PayTipper’s customized payment methods are helping us to help businesses like the Sermetra Group and ePrice grow and diversify their ranges

Published on 6 November 2020

Gruppo Sermetra ed ePrice si affidano a PayTipper ed Enel X

Digitalization has accelerated the use of cashless payment instruments, boosting demand for increasingly reliable, customized solutions.  Enel X’s dedicated Financial Services division was launched to develop simple, safe, fast and innovative instruments integrated into the Enel Group’s products and services ecosystem.

As part of that strategy, last year we acquired a majority stake in  PayTipper, a payments company that provides safe, customized payment instruments designed to meet the needs of private individuals, companies and sales networks.  Together with PayTipper, we offer customized vertical services for specific sectors such as insurance, banking, utilities and marketplaces.  These are helping businesses to grow by diversifying their range of services.  This is the case with the Sermetra Holding Group and ePrice, for example.

The Sermetra Holding Group – not just about cars

Through its own organization, the Sermetra Holding Group reaches a network of 2,700 agencies that deal with vehicle-related bureaucracy, 400 driving schools and 300 insurance agencies, totaling 7,000 employees throughout Italy.

In 2014, PayTipper was tasked with expanding the range of its services and making new fast, secure, payment services available. The first step in this process was accepting previously unavailable electronic payments. The solution developed by PayTipper for making car road tax and other automobile-related payments by credit or debit card allowed the Sermetra Group to raise the quality of its game, with the result that it is now one of Italy’s leading providers of an essential service that simplifies and speeds up customer transactions.

Automobile-related service payments were, however, just the first step. Thanks to PayTipper, the Sermetra Group was also able to offer its customers a wide range of new payment services through a single contact point.  The agencies served by the Sermetra Group who signed up for the initiative were thus able to offer their own clients a service for ordinary payments such as  money order payments, notified payments and electronic payments on notice.

Payments can be made to over 20,000 companies across the nation already on the PayTipper databases.  Local beneficiaries can also be added, such as schools, gyms and clubs. A simple request to the nearest Sermetra Group agency will suffice.

At the end of 2019, PayTipper further broadened the Sermetra Group’s portfolio by creating a tailored solution to allow agencies to take all tax and other automobile-related payments, both cash and credit card, through PagoPA. The latter is an electronic system that permits both citizens and businesses to make payments of all kinds to Public Administrations and managers of public utilities services.  

This meant that the Sermetra Group could provide its customers with a direct, user-friendly link to manage payments to Public Administrations in-house, which results in a significant saving in both time and expense. Results were quick to arrive: in January 2020 alone, the Sermetra Group recorded over one million PagoPA transactions. An excellent example of the company further strengthening its market position through its synergic relationship with PayTipper.

Fast, secure payments for ePrice

Another successful partnership is with ePrice, which is Italy’s premier e-commerce company, thanks to a catalogue of over one million products and thousands of offers every day.

The ePrice marketplace provides a virtual meeting point for sellers and their customers, a showcase where people can view and purchase products from literally hundreds of different companies. Unlike a normal e-commerce site, however, the payment process is managed independently by each seller because they are all responsible for the sales of their own products.  With that in mind, in 2015, PayTipper developed an efficient, secure payment service designed specifically around ePrice marketplace requirements.

The mechanism is simple: sellers open a payment account on PayTipper and when customers make payments through one of the methods available on ePrice, sellers receive those payments into their own PayTipper accounts. This means that sellers directly manage purchases and payments for their products sold on ePrice, customers have a straightforward, safe method of payment, and PayTipper guarantees ePrice constant monitoring and daily reports on payments received. 

The Sermetra Holding Group and ePrice are a good example of how the partnership between Enel X and PayTipper can help established companies to further expand their businesses by making their customers’ lives simpler. We can do the same with companies of all kinds, once again making customers’ needs the central focus whilst guaranteeing the same results – a diversified range of services, reliability and new business opportunities.

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