Enel X Pay, the digital account that will simplify your life

View outgoings, peer-to-peer money transfers, family management and much more. Say hello to Enel X Pay, the online account that helps people manage the present and plan for the future in an easy, safe way.

Published on 22 October 2020

Enel X Pay, the online account that simplifies people’s lives

In recent years digital payments have taken on an ever-greater role in the lives of Italians. Digitalization, technological innovation and some important reforms, such as the Payments Services Directive (PSD) of 2007 and the PSD2 in 2015, have opened the market to new operators such as FinTech startups and others from outside the banking sector. With Enel X Pay we are responding to the requirement for increasingly simple and secure, intermediary-free payment tools through an evolving technology payment solution that is in line with a changing world. A solution developed within Enel, one of Italy’s leading companies in terms of financial stability, reputation and sustainability.

A solution designed by people for people

A day is made up of numerous small choices. With Enel X Pay you can conveniently pay for your coffee at the bar or, from the comfort of your own sofa, pay for your latest online shopping order, road tax and bills before they expire. You can easily split the bill for dinner at a restaurant with your companions or immediately contribute your share for a joint birthday present with friends. What’s more, you can transfer money to bank accounts, top up your mobile phone, make person to person transfers, pay your taxes, MAV and RAV bills, as well as accessing PagoPA, the electronic payments system that enables individuals and businesses to make payments to public authorities and managers of other public services.

Enel X Pay is an online account that is agile, secure, a digital native that offers zero commission on top ups and free SEPA transfers to all. This digital and mobile first payment solution was designed by people for people as the perfect tool to respond to various everyday requirements or to become customers’ main bank account. With Enel X Pay you can make payments, manage your finances with a single-access application, receive financial advice, take action securely and with just a few clicks for life projects big or small, and do so easily and in real time through a single app. Plan your next moves with a positive impact on your life and that of those close to you, thanks to the greater financial awareness made possible by viewing all of your expenditure.

How Enel X Pay came into being

The digital revolution is rapidly changing the expectations, behavior and habits of both consumers and businesses. A transformation that is also impacting on the world of financial services, resulting in new solutions, the dematerialization of cash and the spread of cashless payment models.

Working in this very context is Enel X Financial Services, the homegrown FinTech startup tasked with bringing to the sector the innovation, values and solidity of our Group along with the cutting-edge technologies, solutions and value-added services we have developed in synergy with partners that include European financial leaders MasterCard, SIA, and Tink.

Enel X Pay is the solution designed by Enel X Financial Services to meet the needs of the consumer segment.

The card and other Enel X Pay services

Enel X Pay is linked to a digital and physical card operating on the MasterCard circuit for making physical or online payments. For the physical MasterCard, a bio plastic card has been chosen: this innovative and sustainable material avoids wasting resources by giving them a new life, in line with the principles of the circular economy. Once the account has been activated with a minimum top up of 10 euro, the card can be requested through the app and will then be swiftly dispatched to the customer’s home.  It is contactless and can be used at all branches of authorized banks.

Other Services

Through Active Balance, a continuously evolving technology, Enel X Pay enables customers to keep their finances under control. The customer can see his or her income and outgoings categorized in detail, and in future will be able to set and receive real time notifications about spending habits, with Enel X Pay serving as a digital tutor when it comes to spending. This will facilitate a more conscious management of one’s own spending, enabling users to plan for projects big and small, contribute to third parties or make donations.

These experiences can also be extended to include family members. With Family it’s possible, in fact, to open your child’s first bank account (if aged 11 to 18 years) with the app and order a bio plastic MasterCard for them, too. The account can be used by the youngsters but managed by a parent through an advanced parental control option that enables the adult to set spending limits, provide one-off or regular top ups, approve incoming transactions and block some categories of purchases.

Enter the world of Enel X Pay and simplify your life with just a tap of your finger.

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