Enel X and Laterlite: together to boost the flexibility of the electricity grid

Italy’s leading producer of expanded clay aggregate turned to the experience of Enel X as Balance Service Provider for energy dispatch services, for its production facility in Rubbiano, in the province of Parma

Published on 1 April 2020

Increased flexibility for Laterlite’s electrical grid, with DR by Enel X

Transforming energy consumption into a source of profit, reducing waste and helping boost the stability of the electrical grid: these are the opportunities a growing number of commercial and industrial companies are seizing, thanks to Demand Response (DR) programmes. One such company is Laterlite, Italy’s leading producer of expanded clay aggregate, which in order to participate in the Demand Response programme has chosen Enel X, the global leader in DR with over 6GW of managed capacity, as its Balance Service Provider.

What is it all about? Demand Response is a truly cutting-edge solution that, in order to ensure greater stability and flexibility to the electrical grid, remunerates clients that are willing to temporarily reduce or increase their energy consumption in response to peaks in electricity demand or supply, according to the requests coming from the network operator, which in Italy is Terna, or from Balance Service Providers, like Enel X, that manage these energy flows.

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