Enel X Electric Mobility Meetup, bringing together brilliant ideas and technological experience

A new date with Enel X’s technological innovation at the Labs Event Space in Tel Aviv. This time the subject was solutions for electric mobility

Published on 30 January 2020

Technological innovation projects at the Electric Mobility Meetup in Israel

Enel X, in collaboration with the Enel Innovation Hub Tel Aviv, returned to Israel for a new event, the “Enel X Electric Mobility Meetup,” which was held on 21 January at the Labs Event Space in Tel Aviv. This new date with Enel X’s technological innovation made a very positive impression, following on from the success of the previous session, “Enel X Tel Aviv Networking event – Powering Up New Opportunities, which was held on 25 March 2019. On that occasion Enel X’s business lines were presented to the Israeli market.

That event featured more than 200 startups, venture capital funds and accelerators. The following day a boot camp was held for 50 startups that took part in an extra in-depth session. Indeed, in 2019 we managed to meet with some of Israel’s most promising startups and, needless to say, we transformed these meetings into fruitful collaborations. From the young companies that we encountered we selected three of them to then carry out two PoC (Proof of Concept) studies: Otonomo, Anagog e Make My Day. Now we have returned to Tel Aviv, bringing with us our technological revolution and the new challenges with which we are grappling each day, and sharing our own innovation ideas in order to fuel and support the creation of ideas and solutions.

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